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Mississippi No. 1 state for flu activity, new report says

WAPT Jackson logo WAPT Jackson 2/15/2019
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A new report ranks Mississippi as the state with the most flu activity in the nation.

The Walgreens Flu Index released Wednesday says Biloxi-Gulfport is the No. 1 city for flu activity. Jackson is No. 3 and Columbus-Tupelo-West Point-Houston, Mississippi, is ranked No. 9 on the list.

The report is compiled using the drugstore chain’s weekly retail prescription data for medications used to treat the flu.

The flu outbreak continues to have an impact on schools across Mississippi. Copiah Academy in Gallman is closed Thursday and Friday so the campus can be cleaned after several students were diagnosed with the virus. The school is closed Monday for President’s Day and will reopen Tuesday.

Kemper County School District officials closed schools Monday and Tuesday because of a flu outbreak. At least two other school districts and a prep school in Mississippi closed last week after hundreds of students were out sick.

Last week, doctors at Batson Children's Hospital were seeing more than 200 kids a day with flu-like symptoms.

"We tell our parents to look out for the symptoms of the flu and one of the most consistent symptoms of the flu is a high fever," Dr. Kenneth Yung said.

Other symptoms include body aches, coughing, and runny noses.

Yung said someone with the flu can be contagious 24 hours before the symptoms show up in their system.

"The reason why flu is so contagious is because when you get the flu, the incubation time is about five days during four-five days, the flu is growing in your system but you don't have any symptoms show up yet."

Doctors say if your child has a persistent fever, you should get them checked out as soon as possible.

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