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News 2 to the rescue after HVAC system stops working

WFMY-TV Greensboro logo WFMY-TV Greensboro 2/2/2021 Kevin Kennedy
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There have been more than a few cold nights in the past couple of months. With the temperature dipping into the low thirties and high twenties, a working heater is almost a must this time of year.

“My (HVAC unit) actually went out this Summer,” Roger Stubblefield said.

The unit was less than three years old. One day in August Stubblefield went to turn on the unit and it wasn’t working. Back then it was a relief from the heat that was needed, now it’s a break from the cold.

“I reached out to ARS Rescue Rooter and had them come out to check it and they're telling me that my compressor was down,” Stubblefield said.

The unit cost Stubblefield nearly $8,000 in 2017, so, the thought of an almost $2,000 repair did not sit well.

“I was not satisfied with that, they were basically saying it was going to cost me $1,900,” Stubblefield said.

Instead of paying for the repairs Stubblefield went out and purchased two space heaters to keep the house warm. The space heaters helped but it certainly wasn’t as efficient as a working heater.

“The conversation (with ARS Rescue Rooter) was just can you do better on the price, and they would not do better,” Stubblefield said.

Finally, in early January Stubblefield reached out to us to see if we could assist him. We contacted ARS Rescue Rooter and spoke with one of their executives. A few days later that person reached out to Stubblefield to better understand the issue. In the end, they agreed on a repair price and a technician was dispatched to make the necessary repairs.

“I was happy with that,” Stubblefield said.

Once the technician arrived and diagnosed the issue, he determined the initial diagnosis from someone else was not accurate. Turns out the HVAC unit did not need a new compressor after all. Apparently, the previous technicians that worked on this may have overcharged the unit with refrigerant.

After removing five pounds of refrigerant and cleaning the coils and other parts the system turned on and worked perfectly. ARS Rescue Rooter sent us this statement;

“While ARS was unaware of and had no record of Mr. Stubblefield’s concerns related to any service visits performed by ARS prior to your call on Friday, January 8, 2021, upon receipt, we immediately reached out to Mr. Stubblefield to gain a better understanding of his concerns and work towards a resolution. In speaking with Mr. Stubblefield on January 11, 2021, he advised that his unit was installed in March 2017 and, in August 2020, his unit was inoperable. As a result, Mr. Stubblefield contacted ARS to perform a diagnostic on his equipment but the recommendations for repair ARS provided to him at that time, he chose not to proceed with. Mr. Stubblefield also shared with ARS that he’s had several contractors service his HVAC unit in an attempt to diagnose the issue. However, according to Mr. Stubblefield, none of these contractors were able to provide options to resolve his concerns. To ensure Mr. Stubblefield’s continued satisfaction and comfort with his HVAC equipment, on January 12, 2021, ARS performed a complimentary service visit at Mr. Stubblefield’s home. Upon arrival, ARS found the system grossly overcharged. Thus, the ARS technician removed in excess of five pounds of refrigerant from the equipment, thoroughly cleaned all coils and equipment parts and cycled the system several times. Upon completion, the system was working pursuant to the manufacturer’s specification. After the service visit, Mr. Stubblefield confirmed his complete satisfaction with the resolution of his concerns. Customer service is our top priority at ARS. Having been founded more than 30 years ago, we consider it a privilege to service our customers as our neighbors. It remains our highest priority to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with our company and we take great pride in knowing we were able to take steps to ensure Mr. Stubblefield’s satisfaction now and in the future.”

ARS Rescue Rooter not only made the repairs but agreed to do the repairs for free and offered Stubblefield a 1-year service plan moving forward.

“Thank you to News 2 for reaching out to me and helping me resolve this issue,” Stubblefield said.

Maybe the best news is that Stubblefield can put away the two space heaters that are not exactly cheap to run in the winter.


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