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North Baltimore Local Schools treasurer placed on leave pending review of 'financial irregularities', federal investigation

WTOL Toledo 3/22/2023 WTOL Newsroom

Editor's note: The following story has been updated to reflect new information made available in a statement from North Baltimore Local Schools Superintendent. 

Federal investigators served a search warrant at the North Baltimore Local Schools administrative building Wednesday morning to investigate "a potential misuse of funds," Superintendent Ryan Delaney confirmed to WTOL 11.

Delaney said he could not elaborate further on the purpose of the investigation, but did say it was ongoing. He said he has not been notified of any further actions in the investigation.

The investigators, who were not from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and only brought a clipboard, a box and an envelope in with them, arrived at the building on South Main Street in North Baltimore around 9 a.m. and did not seem to take anything from the building, Delaney said.

Each administrative employee in the building was kept in a conference room while the investigators conducted the roughly two-and-a-half-hour search, Delaney said.

The schools in the district were not placed under lockdown during the search. There was also a North Baltimore police officer at the scene during the investigation.

In an update Thursday morning, Delaney said North Baltimore schools treasurer Steven Stewart had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Delaney said the decision had been made after a review of "financial irregularities" that were brought to the attention of school administration.

Delaney said he will work closely with local authorities regarding these irregularities and the actions necessary to rectify them. 

The administrative building houses the offices of the superintendent, the bus transportation/administrative aide, the treasurer, the assistant treasurer and the Education Management Information System Coordinator, Delaney said.

WTOL 11 left a voicemail with North Baltimore Police Department Chief David Lafferty Wednesday evening but has yet to hear back.

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