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Numbers Don't Lie: According To The Dating App BLK 78% of Black Women Don’t Feel Safe In America

21 Ninety logo 21 Ninety 2/25/2022 Liz Smith
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Being Black in America is already hard enough but add being Black, single and trying to date and it gets even more complicated. Why is this? Why is it so hard and unsettling to find a good companion if you're single and Black? There are unfortunately a few factors but one that truly stands out is not feeling safe enough while dating. 

This topic is relevant now more than ever due to the recent death of Lauren Smith-Fields. Our dear sis, Ms. Smith-Fields, 23, died in her Connecticut apartment in December after a date with a man she had met on Bumble. More than a month later, the police opened a criminal investigation. 

Her tragedy sadly is common and when the police investigating this tragedy stated that the man was a nice guy and didn’t need to be questioned it angered not only the victim’s family but Black women across the U.S.

In May 1962, Malcolm X said it best “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman." That was in 1962 and here we are today in 2022 and these words still stand true. 

Dating apps can be a scary place and because BLK, the largest dating app for Black singles, understands this they created a community and safe space for Black singles to find meaningful connections. 

BLK recently conducted an in-app survey on whether or not Gen Z/Young Millennial Black women felt safe dating online, and the results were rather alarming. 

BLK Survey: Dating as a Black Woman

  • 78% of respondents ages of 18-34 don’t feel safe as a Black woman in America
  • 34% of respondents ages 18-34 don’t feel safe on mainstream dating apps
  • 67% of respondents feel safer dating on BLK
  • 64% of respondents don’t feel safe as a Black woman in America*
  • 29% of respondents don’t feel safe dating on mainstream dating apps*

This survey speaks to the Black women who have continuously spoken and written about their experiences in dating and on mainstream dating apps. Check out more of the findings and quotes from black women below.


I don’t feel safe dating online in general. You never really know who you’re talking to until you have some sort  of physical contact.” 

- Jasmyn / Sanger, TX

More black women go missing each year from the use of dating apps."

- Kyndra / Eugene, Oregon

Too much disrespect even from our own black males. It's scary thinking of initiating because we are so hardworking and people always misjudge our strength."

- Shiraya / Pensacola, FL


Black women are more likely to be victims of certain crimes overall. Being a Black woman means I’m at risk of both overt and subtle racial discrimination, micro-aggressions, wage discrimination, and more—so feeling safe is relative to all that."

- Andrea / Texarkana, TX

Black women are the least protected, respected, and valued! Especially here in America.  It's impossible to feel safe."

- Shanice / Phoenix, AZ


BLK doesn’t have the stigma of just a FWB or one-night stand app. I actually go into BLK with the intention of connecting with someone. Especially someone who looks like me, which I love."

- Taylor / Aurora, CO

It’s just nice to be on a Black exclusive app and I like knowing that my profile isn’t being shown to a bunch of potentially creepy or racist guys."

- Dominique / Chester, Virginia

The numbers don't lie. These BLACK WOMEN aren't lying. This crisis is one that isn't heard enough but with conversations like these hopefully a change can be made. Let's continue this conversation online, in the work place, in our homes and with our friends and loved ones. 

Be sure to download the #1 dating app made exclusively for Black singles looking to make connections with people like you.


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