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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Lost in the Woods by Gaelynn Lea

= · = · = LOST IN THE WOODS = · = · = This is the official music video for Gaelynn Lea's original song, "Lost in the Woods". This track was on her 2018 album "Learning How to Stay", which was recorded with the help of a full band. = · = · = MORE ABOUT GAELYNN LEA = · = · = Gaelynn Lea won NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest in 2016, and not long after she hit the road with her husband Paul. So far she has toured in 45 states and 9 countries, captivating audiences around the world with her unique mix of haunting original songs and traditional fiddle tunes. Gaelynn Lea has appeared in several major festivals over the years, including SXSW, Winnipeg Folk Festival, and Reykjavik Arts Festival. She has opened for well-known bands such as Wilco, The Decemberists, LOW, The Jayhawks, and the industrial rock supergroup Pigface. In addition to performing and recording, Gaelynn also does speaking engagements about Disability Rights, finding inner freedom, and accessibility in the arts. She uses her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change. So far she's been able to share her perspective on PBS NewsHour, The Moth Radio Hour, The Science of Happiness Podcast, and through two widely-viewed TEDx Talks. Gaelynn Lea is currently working on a memoir about her touring adventures and disability advocacy that she plans to release in 2022. Since the Coronavirus pandemic halted her traveling, Gaelynn has been performing a weekly concert on YouTube to fans who join her every Sunday afternoon from all over the world. = · = · = GAELYNN LEA'S LINKS = · = · = = GAELYNN LEA'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE = = GAELYNN LEA'S PATREON PAGE = = GAELYNN LEA'S ALBUMS = = GAELYNN LEA'S ONLINE CONCERTS = = FULL ARCHIVE OF GAELYNN LEA'S YOUTUBE CONCERTS = = GAELYNN LEA ON SPOTIFY = = GAELYNN LEA'S FACEBOOK PAGE = = GAELYNN LEA'S TWITTER ACCOUNT = = GAELYNN LEA'S INSTAGRAM PROFILE = = · = · = MUSIC CREDITS = · = · = Gaelynn Lea: Violin, Vocals Dave Mehling: Piano, Organ & Auxiliary Percussion Al Church: Electric Guitar Martin Dosh: Drums Andrew Foreman: Electric Bass Haley McCallum: Vocal Harmony Lyrics: Gaelynn Lea Music & Arrangement: Gaelynn Lea, Dave Mehling, Al Church, Martin Dosh, Andrew Foreman and George Ellsworth Co-Producers: Gaelynn Lea, David Mehling & Al Church Associate Producer: Alan Sparhawk Executive Producers: Harrison Reiner & Douglas Steward Recorded & Mixed by Zachary Hollander at The Pearl Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN Mastered by Robert Hadley at Hadley Mastering in Los Angeles, CA = · = · = VIDEO CREDITS = · = · = Filmed by EvrGlo Media in Fort Collins, CO Ethan Lindhout: Director / Producer Royce Hoffner: Director / Producer Tessa Rehbein: Director of Choreography / Dancer Elijah Cordova: Make-Up Cira Ltd Clothing & Accessories: Costuming Kenna Freestone Hoven: Dancer Malik Selstad: Dancer Nani Ross: Dancer Analia Alegre-Femenias: Dancer Kalyn Heffernan: Dancer Rosie McDonnell: Dancer = · = · = SONG LYRICS = · = · = When you were lost in the woods You were misunderstood By everyone Everyone You were searching for words But they came out absurd And no one heard you No one heard you Speak your mind They lost the time Where's your heart? Where's your heart today? Forgive yourself But don't give yourself away And now you're out on your own Getting farther from home And everywhere Everywhere You see hurting and strife People cling to your light But no one sees you No one sees you Keep your why It's all a lie. Where's your heart? Where's your heart today? Forgive yourself But don't give yourself away Away, Away Forgive yourself But don't give yourself away
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