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Officials share concern on rise of COVID-19 cases in young adults

WESH Orlando logo WESH Orlando 4/8/2021
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New coronavirus cases are increasing across the state, especially in young adults.

Seminole County's Medical Director Dr. Todd Husty says they have seen young people at their vaccination sites this week.

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He says many said they were pressured to get the shot by their parents.

"Especially if they're going to be, some of the people are considering going off to college. I mean what's coming, and some of them want to do something over the summer and the parents feel better about the fact they're vaccinated," Dr. Todd Husty said.

Officials are worried about those who aren't being pressured.

"It's probably a 50/50 split from what I've been able to gather. A lot of people are super excited about it, super ready to get it just so that we can reach a state of normalcy and other people are really skeptical so," Haleigh Woloszak said.

Dr. Husty said he's worried those skeptics may make it take much longer for the state to reach heard immunity

To try and convince them to get the shot, Husty said they should think of it as an act of service.

"You have to think of it not just in the context of yourself but of all these other people that still don't have immunity to this brand new virus that can be really tough on people, a lot of people," Husty said.

The FEMA site at Valencia College said it has seen a good amount of people in their 20s getting the vaccine this week but they still didn't reach capacity on Wednesday.

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