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Ohio State students respond to required vaccine status reporting

WSYX – Columbus logo WSYX – Columbus 7/29/2021 Karaline Cohen

All The Ohio State University (OSU) students, faculty, and staff will have to report whether they have received a COVID-19 vaccine by Aug. 5.

The university is offering incentives like gift cards, football tickets, and parking passes to those who are vaccinated starting next month.

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All students living in campus housing or on-campus, including sorority and fraternity houses, will need to complete an at-home COVID test within seven days before returning to OSU. Also, all students who will be on campus will need a test upon arrival. After that, the campus will look a lot different for vaccinated students and staff after a year like no other.

“It definitely shifted the college experience,” said Emmy Pratt, a senior at OSU.

Students are ready for some normalcy.

“It makes sense,” said Jaleel Barnes, a senior at OSU. “You need to know that information as a university.”

Vaccinated students will not need to take weekly COVID-19 tests. Masks will not need to be worn, except for on public transportation and in health buildings like OSU Wexner Medical Center, Student Health Facilities, and buildings with clinical operations.

Those who are not vaccinated will have to wear masks indoors, maintain social distancing when they can, and test weekly for the coronavirus.

“I don’t really see an issue with being in class with unvaccinated people or anything like that, as long as they’re doing what the university thinks is safe,” said Max Devine, a sophomore at OSU.

Many students said the decision to report vaccination status will likely make people feel safer on campus.

“I think once a week is very reasonable, I’d say,” said Pratt.

“It’s alright with me if people chose not to be vaccinated, but I think it should be a situation where people know what they’re getting themselves into if they go to an event or something like that,” said Devine.

Jaleel Barnes, an OSU student said the new reporting guideline has motivated him to get the vaccine.

“Since I work on campus, I’m most likely just going to get vaccinated,” said Barnes. “Just so I can remove all the problems from being questioned and stuff like that.”

So far, more than 70% of those returning to campus have been fully vaccinated. Reporting can be done online, and information will not be shared publicly.


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