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Parler Is Back Online With LA-Based Web Hosting Company After Being Rejected By Big Tech

CBS Los Angeles logo CBS Los Angeles 2/16/2021 Syndicated Local – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Social media network Parler, which had been offline for nearly a month following backlash over allegedly promoting violent language around the time of the U.S. Capitol riot, was back online as of Monday.

Data from the website showed that it is connected to a Cleveland, Ohio firm called CloudRoute and Los Angeles web hosting company SkySilk Cloud.

SkySilk Cloud released a statement on Twitter, saying “much of the online community is aware” of its partnership with Parler and that it “does not advocate nor condone hate.”

Parler was struggling to find its way back to the internet after being cut off by Amazon, Google and Apple, which stopped hosting Parler’s website on its computer servers and removed the application from its app stores.

The full statement from SkySilk read as follows:

By now, much of the online community is aware that SkySilk is providing Parler with private cloud infrastructure and support services.

SkySilk is well aware that Parler has received an aggressive response from those who believe their platform has been used as a safe haven for some had actors. Let me be clear. Skysilk does not advocate nor condone hate, rather, it advocates the right to private judgment and rejects the role of being the judge, jury. and executioner. Unfortunately. too many of our fellow technology providers seem to differ in their position on this subject.

SkySilk truly believes and supports the freedom of speech and more specifically the rights afforded to us in the First Amendment. This is a non-negotiable issue for us. And while we may disagree with some of the sentiment found on the Parler platform, we cannot allow first amendment rights to be hampered or restricted by anyone or any organization.

SkySilk feels that Parler is taking the necessary steps to better monitor its platform and applauds their release of new Community Guidelines. Once again, this is not a matter of SkySilk endorsing the message, but rather, the right of the messenger to deliver it.

SkySilk will support Parler in their efforts to be a nonpartisan Public Square as we are convinced this is the only appropriate course of action.”

The website and app had drawn millions of supporters of former President Donald Trump and also became popular among other right-wing voices, despite being labeled as a nonpartisan social network.

The website briefly had some technical difficulties on Monday, displaying the following message:

“Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.”

“We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!”


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