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Pennsylvania school board torpedoes After School Satan Club

FOX News logo FOX News 4/20/2022 Timothy Nerozzi

An elementary school board in Pennsylvania doesn't have any sympathy for the devil.

Northern Elementary School in York, Pennsylvania put to vote the introduction of an After School Satan Club at Tuesday night’s meeting. The club, which was proposed and pushed by a parent at the school, was initially rejected by the principal. However, the club was tabled for a probationary vote at the school board meeting Tuesday. The Satanic club was shot down with an 8-1 vote. There are currently 4 similar clubs operating in U.S. schools across the country, with regular attempts to expand.

"I never thought anything like this would come to the district... I don't want my son to be exposed to anything of the sort," parent Amy Wintermyer told local Fox 43.


Samantha Groome, a parent in the district, was the advocate for introducing the club to the district. Listing the seven tenets of the Satanic Temple, Groome asked what was objectionable about the group's mission.

The Satanic Temple, which runs the program, said students would be offered activities such as science and crafts projects, puzzles and games — and that they would learn about benevolence, empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving and creative expression, too.

Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple spokesperson, told Fox News about the clubs, "I'm hoping that with our presence, people can see that good people can have different perspectives, sometimes on the same mythology, but not mean any harm."

"The After School Satan Club is an after-school program that promotes self-directed education by supporting the intellectual and creative interests of students," the Satanic Temple states on its website.

"If they deny us the use of a public facility, which they have no right to do it'll have to move into litigation, costly litigation that the community is going to have to pay for," Greaves told FOX 43 after the club was voted down.

The Satanic Temple opened an after-school "Satan Club" in a Moline, Illinois, elementary school, as part of its nationwide campaign to push back against the Christian Good News Clubs offered to schoolchildren after regular-hour classes.

Parents protested outside the Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline when the first after-school Satan Club met there January. 


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