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Portland ICE facility site of another violent clash

KPTV Portland logo KPTV Portland 1/22/2021
a group of people wearing military uniforms: Image: KPTV © Provided by KPTV Portland

Image: KPTV

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Overnight, a clash with Federal Protective Services and Demonstrators in South Portland turned violent. Portland police released photos of weapons they say were seized. PPB says people in the crowed that headed from Caruthers Park to the ICE facility on Bancroft St. carried shields, umbrellas, batons and picked up rocks on their way to the ICE building.


According to Portland police six people were arrested on varying charges from assaulting a public safety officer to disorderly conduct.

Thursday morning, the area was filled with crews cleaning off graffiti from nearby buildings and assessing any damage that may have been caused.

“I think it is kind of ridiculous,” Tyler Rapp who lives down the street said. “There was just police everywhere, trucks with people on it, the police were throwing flash bangs and stuff and they just continued to do what they were doing.”

He watched as demonstrators and Federal Protective Services squared off around the ICE Building.

“Everything is getting graffitied,” Rapp said. The coffee shop gets graffitied, abolish ice, I mean this is my neighborhood, I live here. I don’t want to see that kind of stuff going on.”

FPS used different munitions to try and quell the crowd and push them away from the ICE building.

“It is almost like there is a war going on, where it is like the protesters are against the police and it has almost like turned into a game,” Rapp said.

Thursday night, FOX 12 spoke with Dr. Juniper L. Simonis, who is a local eco-toxicologist. Their concern is about the use of CS case to not only the people in the crowd, but those who live nearby, and the environment.

“This stuff goes up, in the air,” Simonis said. “There are children sleeping in there, right like there. They have this impression and this idea they can just throw this stuff around and then go home.”

Last night, FOX 12 cameras captured FPS using a fogger dispersing some sort of gas. Neither FPS or DHS has responded to comment about the fogger being used and what it was releasing.

There has been concern over using foggers to disperse things like CS gas. Last summer, White Fog, a fogger manufacturer, posted to twitter that the company was alarmed to see its product used in a such away against humans.


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