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Protesters have 4 core demands for Mayor Bowser and D.C. Council

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More than 30 grassroots organizations took to the streets today with demands for D.C. government.

“We still haven’t had the systemic change we need to protect people of color and black people,” Mira Michels-Gualtieri said.

Black lives matter rang from the streets of D.C. Saturday afternoon.

“I don’t want to stop fighting til we get justice for the people who deserve it,” Michels-Gualtieri said.

The Palm Collective led the march to Freedom Plaza demanding change from Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Council.

Protesters have four core demands for D.C. leaders that they say will transform the community.

They want police-free D.C. schools, to establish a new D.C. public safety department and an end to qualified immunity, which helps shield government officials and police officers from lawsuits over their actions if they break the law.

“Defunding MPD is the goal and to stop the funneling of power to an agency that isn’t held accountable unfortunately because of systems in place,” Yirga said. Bethelehem Yirga is part of The Palm Collective who helped organize the march and rally.

“They are listening but they are not listening in the way of meeting our demands I think they are doing the bare minimum and they are not doing what we need,” Glenn Foster said.

The group also demands that election day be made a D.C. holiday.

“This summer this movement is not just bells and whistles because we can come to the table and while we are abolishing we can also imagine what the systems that need to take their place look and feel,” Yirga said.


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