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Homecoming attendees to see extra security after Brookwood High shooting threat

WGCL Atlanta logo WGCL Atlanta 9/23/2022 Miles Montgomery
Low attendance recorded at Brookwood High day after threat found in bathroom © Provided by WGCL Atlanta Low attendance recorded at Brookwood High day after threat found in bathroom

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - After a student left a disturbing threat on a bathroom wall at Brookwood High School on Monday, officials announced that extra safety precautions are being made at the school ahead of this weekend’s Homecoming festivities.

Worried parents at Brookwood High School pulled their kids out of class, and even more students skipped school altogether on Tuesday following a threat that hinted at a possible school shooting. The parking lots outside the high school in Snellville were noticeably empty Tuesday afternoon. Madison Edwards, a senior, was among the students who chose to attend classes as police continued to investigate a threat found inside a school bathroom on Monday.

“It was bad,” Edwards said. “There was barely anyone here, I guess, out of fear of what would happen. My teacher was even afraid to let kids out of the classroom.”

The threat, written on a bathroom wall, said, ‘Tomorrow during 3rd I will show all my bull[ies] who I am.” Beneath the message was a bullet that stood upright on the toilet.

On Thursday, Brookwood High School Principal Brett Savage issued the following message:

Dear Brookwood High School families,

I am writing to update you on our investigation of the incident that occurred on Monday.

We have identified the student determined to be responsible for the threat. Appropriate disciplinary action is being taken. Threatening students and staff, sparking fear, and disrupting teaching and learning will not be tolerated. I sincerely thank the parents, staff, and students who cooperated with us during our investigation and provided information that was helpful in our search. Your partnership made the difference.

On a similar note, I was sent numerous pictures of one of our students who was wearing a belt made of bullets. When alerted to this picture on Monday, our team immediately investigated and addressed the student and his parent. Based on video evidence of who went in and out of the bathroom where the threat was made, we were able to see that this student was not involved. We have addressed the inappropriate belt and issued proper consequences.

This was a challenging week at Brookwood; however, I believe that we can always learn through challenging times. We are committed to providing support for our students as we move forward. Our counseling team is available for students to connect with as they may need. Also, we will continue to have additional School Resource Officer (SRO) support on campus for the remainder of this week.

I know this has been a difficult week as these types of threats are very unsettling and concerning. The safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority. I am proud to be a Brookwood Bronco and proud to be a part of this community. As always, I thank you for your continued support.

Brett Savage Principal, Brookwood High School

With Homecoming events this weekend, we will be taking the precautions below to promote the safety of those in attendance.

At the football game, we will have the following safety precautions:

  1. Eight SROs will be present at the gates and monitor attendees.
  2. No book bags will be allowed, and the clear bag policy will be enforced to monitor what is brought into the stadium. (Football game expectations)
  3. At least 12 school administrators will be on duty monitoring the crowd and surrounding areas.

At the dances on Saturday night, we will have the following safety precautions:

  1. A single point of entry for all participants and a single point of exit have been established. A. Enter through the front lobby (Gold Gym) B. Exit through the Maroon Gym Lobby
  2. Over 80 faculty members will be on-site throughout the dance to monitor and supervise.
  3. The same clear bag policy that is used for football will be enforced. Students should be ready to show the contents of any unclear bags to the security administrator.
  4. All tickets must be purchased in advance, and students will be required to show their ID upon entry.
  5. Our full administrative staff will be on duty to monitor and supervise.
  6. Multiple SROs will be on duty to support, monitor, and supervise.
  7. Students will not be permitted re-entry for any reason if a student leaves the dance.
  8. School rules apply at the dance and will be enforced.
  9. Parents must pick students up from the Maroon Gym/Student parking lot.

On Tuesday, Bernard Watson, a spokesperson with Gwinnett County Public Schools, said school resource officers were working around the clock to find the person responsible. While investigators believe it was not a credible threat, the district wants to assure parents that it takes these matters seriously and examines each threat as if it is real.

A 2019 survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed almost nine percent of students had not gone to school at least one day in the prior month because they felt they were unsafe.

Watson said additional officers will be at Brookwood High for the foreseeable future.


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