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See How a Hilarious Bear Found a Nature Cam and Took 400 Selfies

AZ Animals logo: MainLogo AZ Animals 3/14/2023 Sharon Parry

Why shouldn’t a bear want to take some selfies if they stumble across a nature cam in the middle of their wood? Scroll down to see the hilarious tweet from Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, USA.

Bear Taking Selfies in the Forest

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks department has a 46,000-acre land system that includes sensitive habitats. They have set up nine cameras so that they can observe wildlife without disturbing the local creatures.

Most of the time, the bears (and all the other animals in the area) go about their lives unobserved. However, every so often, one of the motion-detecting cameras captures their movements. And rarely, they capture some shots as precious as these.

The shots collected by the cameras are meant to help the authorities put together habitat-protective measures. But this bear clearly had other ideas!

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Black bears are often curious about human possessions and equipment ©1507228946/ © Provided by AZ Animals Black bears are often curious about human possessions and equipment ©1507228946/

Areas of Bear Activity

It looks as if these shots were captured at night using infrared light. The cameras are placed in areas where the researchers know that animals travel and in areas where there are signs of animal activity. They are always pleased when they capture footage of black bears. It really looks as if this bear is trying out different angles to find out which is their most attractive profile!

The North American black bear grows to over six feet. They like to live in forests across North America. These bears usually live alone and hunt at night which is why these pics were captured by the infrared camera. They spend most of their night looking for food and then sleep for most of the day in their dens.

Black bears are omnivores so they will eat both plants and animals but the largest proportion of their diet is made up of plants. Most of the time they simply forage for fruit and plants in the forest but they will also eat insects and even hunt young deer. Bears have a good sense of smell and if they detect carrion, they will also eat that. If they live close to rivers, they can learn how to catch fish. Overall, they are very adaptable and curious and often check out human settlements and possessions for food. Perhaps, this particular bear was disappointed that it only found a camera!

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