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SF Mayor London Breed attributes fentanyl overdoses in San Francisco to Hondurans logo: MainLogo 10/20/2022
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – San Francisco Mayor London Breed sat down with KQED’s Political Breakdown to discuss the state of the city and her initiatives for public safety and economic development, the impact of her appointments for officials recalled by voters and how the November 2022 elections may affect her agenda for the year ahead and more. The discussion also included her calling out Hondurans as “drug dealers”.

KQED asked Breed about the amount of people overdosing in the City where 1,700 overdoses have been recorded since 2020. Breed attributed the overdoses to drugs being sold by Hondurans who have more rights than hard working parents in her City.

“There are unfortunately a lot of people who come from a particular country…Honduras…and a lot of the people who are dealing drugs happen to be of that ethnicity,” said Breed. “And when the arrests have been made for people breaking the law you have the public defender’s office and their staff who are basically accusing and using the law to say you are racially profiling.”

“We all know it. It’s the reality that you see,” said Breed. “We have people advocating for folks selling fentanyl.”

According to a post by the SF Latinx Democratic Club, People’s Slate they are appalled at how Latinos are being treated in San Francisco.

“Latino/x population is growing in every city in California, except in San Francisco. This is the one part of the state where the Latinos/x continue to live in substandard and congregate settings while being displaced in record numbers,” wrote the club in a post shared on

Latino homelessness is the fastest growing population at 38% of those experiencing homelessness in the city [San Francisco]

Redistricting played a role in reducing fair representation for Latinos in the sanctuary city.

A series of legislative and executive actions from the Mayor’s office diluting Latinx representation is something that we must make public. This is including:

– Removing the Tenderloin from District 6, despite having a huge population of newcomer Latino immigrants, children and families, diluting political representation and voting power;

– Requesting undated resignation aka ‘loyalty’ letters from over 40 city commissioners, yet has defended racist written remarks against Blacks and Latinos in a political questionnaire from her appointed School Board Commissioner Ann Hsu;

-Having no senior staffers of color in the Mayor’s office, as well as only 9% of Latinos serving on commissions, despite being 16% of the city population.

Do you believe the mayor is calling it “like it is” or disparaging Latinos?

If she made these comments in Los Angeles would residents be calling for her resignation?

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