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Skin Care CEO Calls Police On Man Stenciling 'Black Lives Matter' — On Wall Of His Home 5/25/2023 Amy P
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In 2020, James Juanillo was stenciling the "Black Lives Matter" slogan in chalk on the wall surrounding his house when a white couple approached him.

They pushed him to admit he was committing a crime.

The woman and her partner insisted he didn't have a right to mark the wall with "Black Lives Matter" and claimed they personally knew who lived there.

"Is this your property?" she asked James. "Are you defacing private property or is this your home? You're free to express your opinions but not on people's property."

James is Filipino, and it became quite clear that the couple didn't think he could live in such a big, beautiful house.

James never revealed to the couple that he was, in fact, the long-time resident of said house. Instead, he challenged the couple to call the police.

"Your options are to call the police if you believe I'm committing a crime."

While waiting for police to arrive, the couple walked away as James waited for the police to arrive. He says that when they did show up, they realized they knew James and they knew he lived there; they didn't so much as get out of their car.

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James posted video of the encounter, which went viral and resulted in the identification and branding of yet another so-called "Karen."

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