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Some pups at the Central Missouri Humane Society are "Single and Ready to Mingle"

KRCG Columbia/Jefferson City 8/12/2022 Elise Person

As part of the nationwide “Clear the Shelters” pet adoption drive, the Central Missouri Humane Society is offering a limited time adoption special they call, “Single and Ready to Mingle.”

The “Single and Ready to Mingle” special lowers the adoption rate for dogs that would best suited in a singular pet home to $10 through Saturday.

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Central Missouri Humane Society Associate Director Michelle Casey said there’s a variety of reasons as to why some dogs may be better suited as a solo pet.

“A lot of it is based off life experiences. So, some dogs may have had a traumatic experience with another animal at some point in their life. Some dogs are just not socialized well so they’ve just never been exposed to new dogs or new pets in general. So, that can just cause some overall anxiety and they don’t have the social skills to know how to interact,” Casey said.

Casey said all the dogs included in the “Single and Ready to Mingle” special are giant sweethearts, but sometimes need a little more special attention.

“They really just want all your attention. They are just looking for a new family and a new best friend,” Casey said.

Opal Mae is a two-year-old pure-bred black Labrador and is included in the adoption special. Casey said she was brought to the shelter after her owner was unable to keep her due to life circumstances.

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As of right now, Casey said Opal Mae is looking to be in a singular pet home, but there is the possibility she would be willing to share the spotlight at some point.

“She just tends to be really nervous and scared around new dogs, but with cats, she’s a little overly playful and she likes to chase them. So, she’s probably better suited for a home with no other pets, but possibly in the future a new dog could be introduced to her as long as it’s a slow introduction,” Casey said.

Tomato is a three-year-old mixed breed and is also part of the adoption special.

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He was brought to the Humane Society as a stray. Casey said not much is known about Tomato’s background, but he would most likely be best suited as the only pet in a household.

“He most likely wasn’t socialized very well when he was a puppy. So, he does have a little stranger danger with new people, but once you’ve established that trust he’s just a big baby that just wants to be right in your lap,” Casey said.

Opal Mae and Tomato aren’t the only “Single and Ready to Mingle” pups at the Humane Society. There are a handful of furry friends looking to become the number one dog in your life.

If you’re interested in adopting as part of the “Single and Ready to Mingle” special, be sure to act soon because the deal ends on Saturday.

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