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Southern Wisconsin family reunited with dog after 5 years

La Crosse-Eau Claire WEAU 5/12/2022 Nick Viviani

BELOIT, Wis. (WMTV) - It took five long years but a southern Wisconsin dog who had been stolen is finally home with her family again! The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin shared the story of the delayed happy ending.

According to the Janesville shelter, those five years disappeared the moment the pup, named Ginger, saw her owner, Barney, for the first time.

“As soon as they saw each other there was no doubt,” the agency wrote. “The excitement on the family’s faces, as well as Ginger’s, when they were finally reunited was beyond memorable.”

The shelter recounted that Ginger was taken over five years ago and her family did all they could to get her back. Every time they saw a dog that looked even a little bit like their missing dog, their hopes would rise, only to later be dashed.

But, when the Beloit Police Dept. posted a picture on Facebook of a stray dog they found, that all changed. Ginger was taken to HSSW. Then, a few days later Barney called and the family’s hopes rose once again. Only, this time, that phone call led to best of reunions.

The Beloit Police Dept. released this picture of Ginger after she was found as a stray dog. © Provided by La Crosse-Eau Claire WEAU The Beloit Police Dept. released this picture of Ginger after she was found as a stray dog.

Ginger’s coming home to a home filled with a lot more to live. When she got home, she not only met the new pups that were adopted since she disappeared, she also found her human family got a little bigger with the birth of another child.

Lattimore prayed that Ginger would return since the day she was taken while he was out at work.

”But that day has come and now I’m never letting her go,” Lattimore said. “She’s like my daughter.”

Lattimore said he this helped him believe in miracles.

”I’m just so excited and happy that, I can’t get the words to roll off of my tongue, that she is home where she belongs,” he said.

Adoption counselor Reghan Linneman said she was brought to tears by the reunion.

”She was so excited she wanted to break down the door to get to them. It was tear-jerking for sure,” Linneman said. ”This shows you that you should not give up whether it’s months or years it doesn’t matter. There is still a chance at the end that your animal is going to come home.”

Lattimore said he is not mad at whoever took Ginger. He is thankful she was well taken care of and, of course, returned home safely.

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