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Tech review: Vertagear PL6800, a comfortable gaming/office chair for the big and tall

Tribune News Service logo Tribune News Service 3/8/2023 Jim Rossman, Tribune News Service

I’m a big guy – 6 foot 2 inches, and I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Too much information? Maybe, but today I’m reviewing a gaming chair designed for taller and larger people.

The Vertagear PL6800 is a chair that would look right at home in a new Chevrolet Camaro, and it is designed for people as tall as 6 foot 8 inches and people who weigh up to 400 pounds.

As someone who has worked in an office my whole life, I realized during this review that I’d never had a new office chair.

I’ve been blessed with some really good workplaces, but when I started, there was already a chair at my desk and I didn’t give it much thought.

I can’t say any of them were awful, but it never occurred to me to ask for a new chair, including at my current job.

I’ve really been missing out.

The Vertagear 800 line includes four chairs from the largest model PL6800 that I’m using, down to the PL3800 designed for people up to 5 foot 10 inches and weighing up to 220 pounds.

The PL6800 has a list price of $549.99, but it was selling for $469.99 on as I write this review. The chair comes in black, but you can choose from six different accent colors, including white, blue, green, purple and red.

Part of the comfort features of the PL6800 is called ContourMax lumbar support, which Vertagear says, “adapts to your body’s shape and movement, keeping your back in a healthy posture no matter how long you sit or jitter around.”

Indeed, the design of the PL6800 will keep you from slouching. Inside the back of the chair are four TPE modules that can flex to cradle your spine as you sit. The lumbar modules are covered with memory foam and a soft suede-like material Vertagear calls HygennX, which “uses patented coffee ground nanotechnology in breathable cloth to deliver natural odor control with quick-drying functionality and silver-coated embroidery to neutralize bacteria growth.” Yes, coffee grounds are embedded in the material to absorb odors.

The VertaAir seat has eight air hexagonal air pillars that let air in and out to adjust to the weight of your body to provide support and pressure relief. The wide seat has a waterfall design. This means the edge of the seat doesn’t dig into the back of your thighs or knees, which helps eliminate numbness in your legs during those long gaming sessions or video conferences.

The armrests are sturdy and adjustable in several directions. It was easy to find a comfortable armrest position.

The PL6800 is made from a steel skeleton that is warrantied for 10 years. The chair sits on an aluminum alloy 5 star base and it is supported by an industrial grade class-4 gas lift, which allows for easy height adjustment. The parts of the chair that don’t touch your body are covered with a faux leather that appears quite durable.

The wheels are coated with polyurethane and roll very smoothly on the short carpet floor in my office.


The PL6800 comes in a pretty big box, and you’re going to need to assemble it.

The arms of the chair are already attached to the seat bottom. You’ll need to turn it over and attach the seat mechanism to the seat bottom. All the screws use a hex tool, which is included.

The wheels snap into the base, which then fits onto the gas lift.

Once you have the wheels and gas lift attached to the seat bottom, carefully turn it over and you’ll attach the backrest to the seat bottom using four screws.

Attaching the backrest was the trickiest part for me. You may want to ask a friend to help, as the backrest is substantial.

There are two screws on each side that need to pass through a metal bracket protruding from the seat bottom. There are holes in the sides of the backrest and you can’t see the actual threads, so you’re trying to get the threads to engage by feel. That can be hard to do if you are trying to hold up the backrest at the same time.

This is the part that took the longest for me. You need to get all four screws started, but don’t tighten any all the way until all four are started.


There are two adjustment levers, for height and recline, that are easy to engage and finding a good seating position was easy. The recline adjustment lets you lean way back without being afraid of tipping over.


Overall, the Vertagear PL6800 is a very comfortable chair. Most regular chairs aren’t wide enough. The PL6800 provides a wide cradle for my shoulders and support for my spine.

If you sit for long periods, and you are on the large/tall side, don’t settle for chairs you inherit from the previous person who occupied your desk.

There are comfortable chairs out there for you and the Vertagear PL6800 will make your back happy.

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