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Temple High graduate is making Valentine's Day gift baskets for teachers, parents

KCEN-TV Waco-Temple-Bryan 1/26/2023 Darron Wallace

The holidays aren't easy for everyone.

17-year-old Aniyah Smith is doing her part to ease any burden for some teachers and parents trying to celebrate Valentine's Day.

"As a student I definitely know and I have watched like my fellow classmates or other teachers," says Smith, who's been making holiday baskets for three years now said. "Teachers don't say it all the time but you can always you can always tell when they're frustrated about something or a student when they can't afford what other students can afford. Things like that."

Smith says she is inspired by her mother and grandmother who would get creative and make crafts like she often does now. She said she used that inspiration to create many businesses in Temple, all based on her creativity and passion for giving back.

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"I've always been creative I always liked to watch my grandma do stuff like that and even my mom," Smith said. "I basically like started doing it myself and I made it basically my business."

Smith said she wants kids, parents, adults or anyone looking for a gift for Valentine's Day to be able to get one.

She's selling baskets and donating them. For every basket she sells, she will also donate one to a teacher for their class. She's already personally donating four baskets to start.

"I'm already gonna donate four different baskets to some schools down here," Smith said. "Or I'm just gonna give them a raffle for a teacher or something to pick up the baskets for their students or their class."

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