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Tesla asks Colorado customer to wait 3-6 months to get solar panels damaged in hailstorm removed

CBS Colorado 5/25/2023 Marissa Armas

For the last two weeks, large tarps have covered Kimberly Mowat's Erie home.

"You can see the damage by just walking up. We have hail hits everywhere," she said.

The May 9 hailstorm left excessive roof damage to her home and vehicles, also shattering many of the solar panels. With the ongoing rain, now water is also leaking inside. She told CBS News Colorado it's been headache after headache since the storm.

"We can't fix the water damage inside until we know that we've got a new roof and we won't have further damage," Mowat said.

The home has Tesla solar panels. The problem? The roof can't be fixed until Tesla comes out to remove the panels. But Mowat said Tesla isn't willing to help them in a timely manner. The panels are still under warranty.

"I've had to call Tesla every day because I just can't get answers," she said.

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After two weeks of trying to contact Tesla, Mowat finally heard from a representative on Wednesday. But now the company wants her to sign an agreement saying that Tesla has three to six months to remove the panels.

"I'm frustrated because Tesla has not accepted any responsibility," said Mowat. "They don't seem concerned with the fact that we have water damage in our home and potential for future water damage and they care nothing to do it."

CBS News Colorado contacted Tesla for comment, but they did not return our request.

Mowat said she doesn't mind waiting a few weeks to get the panels off, but months is unreasonable. She has already consulted with a lawyer, and is thinking of hiring a third party company to remove the panels, which would likely cost an additional $9,000. Now Mowat is warning others to be cautious before buying Tesla solar panels.

"I just want to know the date which they can come out here," she said. "I would never go with Tesla again after this experience."

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