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This Southeast Texas zip code saw a 1,629% increase in COVID-19 cases from May to July

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Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have set records in Jefferson County since Memorial Day weekend. Cases from June 1 until July 13 are up 325%, and health experts warn that numbers could likely continue to rise after large gatherings on July 4th weekend. 

12News Investigates wanted to see which zip codes are being impacted by COVID-19 the most. The numbers show significant spread of the virus in pockets of Jefferson County. 

County leaders have been working with a data analyst who specializes in public health to track the trends and show how the virus is spreading. 

"We barely had any cases and within the last few weeks, we have more than a hundred," Dr. Praphul Joshi,  an independent consultant for Beaumont Public Health said. "That's very alarming."

ZIP CODE: 77713

This rural area of Jefferson County west of North Major Drive and dissected by Hwy. 90 has been hit hard by the virus. On May 18, there were only seven cases of COVID-19. Nearly two months later, that number jumped to 121 -- a 1,629% increase in positive cases. 

While cases have gone up dramatically, the number of people who have died from the virus in this area of Jefferson County remains at zero. 

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Editor's Note: A previous version of this story listed area code 77613 instead of 77713. 12News regrets the error, and it has been corrected.

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ZIP CODE: 77708

This area in Beaumont's north end includes parts of Parkdale Mall west of Hwy. 69. On May 18 there were 32 positive coronavirus cases. By July 13, that number rose to 185. That's a 478% increase in positive cases. 

The fatality rate in this zip code has gone up 40% since May. Seven people have died as of July 13.

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ZIP CODE: 77705

77705 includes area includes Fannett and Taylor Landing south of Beaumont. There were 58 positive COVID-19 cases on May 18. By July 13, that number was 309 -- a 433% increase. 

This zip code also has one of the highest jumps in fatalities in Jefferson County. There were three deaths reported as of May 18. That number rose to five on July 13 -- a 67% increase.

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ZIP CODE: 77707

This area of southwest Beaumont includes the neighborhoods of Amelia and Caldwood Acres. There was a 372% increase in cases from May to July -- with the zip code going from 58 positive cases on May 18 to 274 cases on July 13. 

10 people died as of May 18, and that number jumped to 12 as of July 13. That is a 20% increase.

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"If we all try to stay at home as much as possible and try to limit or eliminate any kind of social gatherings, we can certainly do our best to try and keep the trend low here," Dr. Joshi said. 

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