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'Tic Tac UFO' spotted in Clovis

KMPH – Fresno-Visalia logo KMPH – Fresno-Visalia 8/8/2021 Shelby Bracho

A man spotted an unidentified floating object in Clovis earlier this week. He says he was heading to a gas station on Fowler Avenue when he noticed something peculiar.

“I got my phone out and I start looking and I see it and it’s just kind of dancing around which is just really weird," said Vince Mandara, "So I'm filming it and then all of the sudden it’s just gone, I mean, it just kind of blurs out.”

Mandara was able to film the UFO on his phone camera and subsequently share it on social media. He says this all happened on Wednesday around 2:30 in the afternoon. 

“There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, there wasn’t anything, so it just looked so odd," said Mandara, "The thing that caught my eye was that it was moving so fast.”

Afterward, Mandara went home and started slowing down the speed of the video.

"And I see this other dot kind of appear out of nowhere underneath the other one and just shoot to the right," said Mandara, "So I posted it to Instagram and tagged a bunch of people in it and this guy @TicTacUFO decided to take chunks of the video and put filters on it.”

Jaiya Figueras, the creator of the @TicTacUFO Instagram page, saw Mandara's video, slowed it down, and applied a few filters, revealing an interesting image.

Caption: The original video slowed down, followed by the video with the comic filter, then the zoomed in video with the ink filter. (Courtesy: Vince Madara & Jaiya Figueras){p}{/p}

"When you put it into iMovie if you just change the filters," said Figueras, "You could actually see all the energy surrounding that, surrounding the object.”

Figueras put the comic filter on the video and then later added the ink filter.

"That’s the ink filter right there," said Figueras, "Now the object is actually the white, it’s the white in the middle, all the other stuff surrounding it, that's the energy that's surrounding it because they have anti-gravity.”

Figueras is a high school coach and teacher who says he's spoken with six people who've seen eerily similar objects in the sky.

"What I found is that these things are actually, they're teleporting," said Figueras.

Figueras says a recent video posted to the Instagram page shows filtered video of a UFO that's been slowed down more than 500 times its original speed. He says, no matter how slow, he can't catch the object in motion.

“I figured out they were teleporting because no matter what I did, I couldn't slow it down, I couldn’t slow the film down," said Figueras.

"For me, it was just interesting to see the different, I mean, there’s like an energy ball, I know that sounds crazy but it’s there and it’s just kind of circling around this dot," said Mandara, "And nobody else saw it, you know, nobody else pulled over, nobody was standing there pointing it wasn’t this big, you know, grandstand thing, it just, there it is and there it's not, so strange, in Clovis of all places."

a man looking at the camera © Provided by KMPH – Fresno-Visalia

Figueras has plenty more videos just like this on his @TicTacUFO Instagram page.

We reached out to the 144th Fighter Wing here in Fresno about any possible sightings or interruptions on Wednesday. It says their airmen were doing training exercises that day and had no reports of any air space violations.


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