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Total War: Warhammer 3 - All Dwarf Units, Ranked

TheGamer 9/16/2022 Christian Simon
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Returning from the original Total War: Warhammer, the Dwarfs are one of the most fun and new player-friendly races in Total War: Warhammer III's Immortal Empires. With such a vast roster available to them, though, figuring out the best units for your army can be a challenge.

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This list arranges every Dwarven unit from S-Tier (excellent) to C-Tier (subpar), so you know which to field and which to leave back at your Holds. Whether staking your claim in the underway or challenging your foes above ground, using the best units on this list will be sure to lead you to victory.


Dwarf Warriors: It might be surprising for an early-game unit to top the list, but their incredible cost-efficiency, melee defense, and charge defense makes Dwarf Warriors your best infantry option for most of the game. They’ll be nearly impossible to rout until your enemies get access to high-tier armor-piercing units, and by then, you’ll have upgraded your own army too. Just avoid giving them Great Weapons, as the melee damage isn’t worth the lost defense.

Grudge Throwers: An early-game artillery unit that beats out the competition with a combination of ridiculous damage and explosive rounds. It comes in early, even at the start for certain Lords, and you can use it for the entire campaign. Its accuracy is poor, and you’ll want to avoid using it anywhere close to where your own units are positioned, but it’s excellent for overwhelming the enemy with the turtling strategy Dwarfs are renowned for.

Quarrellers: An extremely solid, readily available missile unit, dealing out high damage while protected by your excellent infantry. Not only that, but Quarrellers are great in melee combat as well, so they’re hardly threatened if the enemy somehow gets around your frontline units. Great Weapons are generally a waste, as you won’t want them in melee to begin with, and they lose the shields that protect them from enemy ranged fire.


Ironbreakers: Not only your best frontline, but perhaps the best frontline in the game. Ironbreakers are borderline impenetrable, with extremely high melee defense, resistance to being charged, and shields to protect from ranged fire. They even pack explosive charges in case something is just out of reach. The only reason that they’re not S-Tier is due to how long it takes to get them. It will be a while before they replace your Warriors and Longbeards.

Longbeards: While a little slower to get, Longbeards are excellent in melee combat and are generally a strict upgrade to Dwarf Warriors. They won’t kill many units on their own, but they’re a fantastic defensive line while your ranged units pelt the enemy. You’ll want to avoid giving them Great Weapons, though, as the loss of their shield hurts them a lot against ranged fire.

Hammerers: As a tier 4 unit, Hammerers are defined by their high damage output. They’re not as tanky as your other infantry units, but they can win against almost any other unit in the game in a one-on-one fight. They’re even better in a flank, decimating enemy forces without fear of retaliation.

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Irondrakes: These ranged units will quite literally melt through infantry. They’re not great in melee and require good positioning but putting in the effort will yield great results. You might be tempted to use the Trollhammer Torpedo variant, but be warned that they only shine against monstrous units. For anything else, regular Irondrakes will serve you better.

Organ Gun: This artillery unit actually functions similarly to Irondrakes, tearing through infantry without any problems. It loses out on some range, but it easily does the most damage of any Dwarf artillery unit, and that’s saying something. The only problem is that it takes a very long time to get, requiring built-up settlements with two separate buildings, but you’ll find it’s well worth the investment once you get it.


Miners: The cheapest unit in the Dwarf army, their Vanguard Deployment combined with high armor-piercing damage gives them niche uses in some armies. However, Miners are simply too poor in direct combat to justify most of the time. Their Blasting Charges variant can be very useful against bunched-up infantry, though, and serve well even in the mid-game. They’re good for an early-game army, but you’ll want to replace them as soon as you can.

Rangers: A combination of Vanguard Deployment, Stalk, and excellent ranged damage make Rangers great at ambushing foes who are entangled with your infantry. However, they come a bit later into the game and are extremely vulnerable in melee combat, making them often a poor alternative to Quarrellers. However, they actually benefit well from Great Weapons, shoring up some of their weakness in melee and making them great at dealing with large units.

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Bugman’s Rangers: As the name might imply, these specialized Rangers serve a similar role in your army. They’re better in melee and can heal themselves, but they’re very expensive and require more investment than regular Rangers. Belegar can get good use out of them with his passive buffs, but everybody else will find them hard to justify.

Bolt Thrower: This artillery unit has excellent armor piercing, but not much else going for it. Its unit piercing leaves a lot to be desired, and it will often only hit a few units with every volley. It's good for early-game armor piercing, but is generally outclassed by Grudge Throwers.

Cannon: Like the Bolt Thrower, the Cannon is just too specialized to bring into every fight. It’s excellent at dealing with single-entity units like enemy Lords, but even getting to target them in the first place isn’t a guarantee, in no small part due to its poor firing arc. There's just better options in Immortal Empires.


Slayers: While easy to recruit, Slayers are extremely expensive and far too fragile to field more than a couple of them. They’re good for beefing up a new army if you have gold to burn, but that’s about it, and that's a tough sell when many Dwarfs struggle for money in Immortal Empires. Giant Slayers suffer from the same problems, even if they excel at taking down large units. Only Ungrim, with his passive buffs for Slayers, will find much use for them.

Thunderers: As great as they are at fighting other ranged units, Thunderers suffer from needing a clear shot to hit their mark. They can’t fire over obstacles like Quarrellers, so they almost always feel like an inferior option. They have niche uses on more open battlefields, but you’ll generally want to avoid them.

Flying War Machines: The Gyrocropter, its Brimstone Gun variant, and the Gyrobomber can all be grouped into the same category. They’re the only fliers in the Dwarf roster and are quite fast, but they’re also extremely fragile and don’t do enough damage to justify their place in your roster. They all have their specialties, but you’re almost always better off bringing more artillery instead.

Flame Cannons: This artillery unit has one specialty: bringing down regenerating units like Trolls. Otherwise, there’s no real place for it in your army. It can be good against unarmored foes, but it's completely outclassed by other artillery units in every other way.

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