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Utah County teen disappears from home without a trace, missing for 11 days

KUTV Salt Lake City logo KUTV Salt Lake City 10/2/2021 Kelly Vaughen, KUTV

A 17-year-old girl from Eagle Mountain disappeared from her home in the middle of the night and hasn't been seen or heard from in nearly two weeks.

Morgan Sessions hasn't used her phone or her bank account since the night of Sept. 20. She hasn’t contacted any family or friends.

"I think about her nonstop. If she's ok, if someone's feeding her, if she's being hurt, if she's alive,” said Rebecca Davis, Morgan’s mom.

The last time Davis saw her daughter was when she poked her head into the teen’s bedroom as she slept. That was 11 days ago.

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The night before she disappeared, Davis and her family was at home, she helped Morgan with her homework, then they went to bed.

“In the morning, she was gone. She’d left her backpack with the homework we had done inside. She left her purse; she left her phone. Her school Chromebook, her personal Chromebook. Things she spent a lot of time and money on to earn,” Davis said.

She added that it’s not like her daughter, or any teen, to leave their phone behind, let alone her car that Morgan spent months saving for.

Since she went missing, Morgan hasn't reached out to a single friend, used social media, or even logged into her Spotify music account.

"There's something wrong, I just feel it. There's something wrong,” Davis said.

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Morgan had just started a new job and was planning for her future after high school. Davis said her daughter may have missed curfew before, but this was not the same. Wherever she is, she is 17 and without her own car or money.

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“Whoever has her right now, they have her, and it's not because of Morgan on her own," Davis said.

She said her daughter is a trusting person who always finds the best in others. Now she fears that could be used against her.

“Morgan is my baby, she's my oldest girl. And she's the girl that wet herself in kindergarten because she was scared, she's the girl that sucked her thumb,” Davis said.

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The Utah County Sheriff's Office is searching for her. They are looking into co-workers, family members and phone records. They said they have no information telling them she is in danger, but they are concerned because no one has heard from her and she hasn’t used her bank account.

Morgan's family has been searching for her themselves. They've talked to her friends, teachers and neighbors. They have checked the cameras at gas stations, at Starbucks and even at homeless shelters. But Davis said it feels like her daughter has vanished.

"I just wish I could hug her and tell her that I'm looking for her and I'm not stopping,” she said.

The family said they are focusing their search around Eagle Mountain and in St. George where they have family ties. Morgan is 5’1” and has blonde hair. If you have any information about Morgan please contact the Utah County Sheriff's Office.


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