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Watch as this Labrador is rescued from an icy pond by his owner, Southlake police.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram logoFort Worth Star-Telegram 2/18/2021 Domingo Ramirez Jr., Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Feb. 18—FORT WORTH — Shadow was doing great on Thursday.

That wasn't the case Sunday afternoon when the black Labrador retriever fell through a thin layer of ice on a pond near White Chapel Church in Southlake.

Within minutes, his owner, Scott Lydick of Southlake, saw Shadow in the pond, struggling to cling to the sheet of ice as gusty north winds blew.

Minutes later, Southlake police arrived and a pet rescue began, with Lydick, Sgt. Gaylon Music and other officers teaming up to save Shadow.

"I'm so thankful for what they did," Lydick said Thursday in a telephone interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I don't know how long Shadow had been in the pond, and we had to do something."

The rescue was captured on video from a Southlake police officer's body camera.

Southlake police responded to a call shortly after 2:30 p.m. Sunday that a dog had fallen through the ice on a pond.

"He had just run across the pond and fell through the thin ice," Lydick said. Lydick and his family had been in the area sledding.

Lydick called 911 and then called his wife to get a pool float to help save Shadow.

Music arrived along with other officers as weather conditions worsened.

"I knew that Shadow didn't have much longer," Music said. "You can hear him crying in the video, and it was just deafening out there even over the wind. I knew if we waited much longer that he was going to freeze to death."

So Music took off his duty belt and waded into the pond, using a catch pole and his hand to break the thin ice.

Lydick had a tow rope, and that was tossed out to Music so he could be pulled back if necessary.

Music slowly trudged into the pond up to his shoulders. By this time, Lydick's wife had arrived with the pool float.

"I figured it was easier for me to get on it because he (Music) was too deep in the water," Lydick said.

Lydick, with Music's guidance, made his way past the officer and reached Shadow, lifting his pet up with one arm and grabbing the catch pole that Music had with the other hand.

Officers pulled Music to shore as he held on to the rope while Music pulled the catch pole as Lydick held on to that on the float with Shadow.

Seconds later, Southlake firefighters arrived and treated the survivors. Shadow, Lydick, Music and the officers escaped without any major injuries.

Music was driven by a love of animals.

"I currently don't have any dogs," he said in an email to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Thursday. "But I was a former K-9 handler and K-9 supervisor. I had three Belgian Malinois, and my last one passed away in 2013."

Music has experienced his share of animal rescues.

"Southlake still has so much nature throughout the city, and I've rescued several baby deer stuck in the fences or hurt on the side of the road for years," Music said.

Southlake police praised everyone involved in the rescue in a post on their Facebook page.

"The bravery, courage and teamwork between the entire police shift, Scott and firefighters is to be commended," Southlake police posted. "Please watch your pets over the next few days as many of them have never seen ponds and pools freeze over."


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