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WATCH: MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Tears into Gov. Jim Justice as He Struggles to Defend Signing Anti-Trans Bill

Mediaite logo Mediaite 4/30/2021 Leia Idliby

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle tore into Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) on Friday morning, as he struggled to find any evidence to defend why he signed a bill that would prohibit transgender girls and women from competing on sports teams.

Just days after the governor signed the measure into law, Ruhle asked Justice if he could name a single example of a transgender child trying to get an unfair advantage in West Virginia.

“I can’t really tell you one, but I can tell you this, Stephanie, I’m a coach and I coach a girl’s basketball team and I can tell you, we all know — we all know what absolute advantage boys would have playing against girls,” he reasoned, misgendering transgender girls. “We don’t need that.”

Ruhle then questioned why he would take the time to sign the bill when he couldn’t name any evidence of disadvantaged athletes, quickly reminding him of the pressing issues his state faces.

“Let’s talk about other things I can give you examples of in your state,” she said. “According to U.S. News & World Report, West Virginia ranked 47th in health care, 48th in the economy and 50th in infrastructure. If you cannot name one single example for me of a child doing this, why would you make this a priority? I named four things that would seem to me like a much bigger priority.”

Justice insisted he did not make the bill a priority, as it was not his proposal, but Ruhle was unimpressed by the answer, reminding him that he still signed it.

“It just came to me and I actually signed it because I believe from the standpoint of a coach, I believe that girls worked so hard to obtain Title Nine, and I do not have any idea now why we are trying to disadvantage them in participating in a sport that they put so much into,” he replied. ” I don’t know why we’re doing that. This is not like it’s a big priority to me.”

Justice again insisted that the bill was not a priority to him — admitting that there are likely no more than 12 transgender children in West Virginia — yet he still signed a bill that would stop them from competing against their fellow classmates.

“I mean for crying out loud, Stephanie, I sign hundreds of bills, hundreds of bills,” he added. “This is not a priority to me. But with all of that, I would say, I think that it would impose an unfair disadvantage on the girls. So, from that standpoint, I support it.”

Ruhle did not stop there, only inviting him back once he can find evidence of young female athletes being disadvantaged in West Virginia, “beyond anecdotal feelings as a coach.”

“I can show you evidence of how ranking that low in education is disadvantaging young women and men in West Virginia,” she added before ending the interview.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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