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COVID-19 vaccinations are underway across the WBTV viewing area. Here’s where

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icon: Counties in the WBTV viewing area are beginning to announce plans for COVID-19 vaccination clinics. © (Source: Arkansas Department of Health) Counties in the WBTV viewing area are beginning to announce plans for COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Counties in the WBTV viewing area are continuing to announce plans for COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

North Carolina is currently vaccinating those that fall into Group 1 and Group 2, which includes health care workers, long-term care staff and residents, and anyone 65 years or older. The state will expand vaccine eligibility to Group 3, essential workers, on February 24. The state will start with teachers, childcare workers and school personnel before expanding eligibility to others in Group 3 on March 10.

N.C. Gov. Cooper announces teachers, staff, childcare workers can get vaccinated starting Feb. 24.

Anyone who wants to get a vaccine will be able to do so in Group 6. The new vaccination plan aligns with new federal recommendations. The initial plan was divided into phases.

South Carolina is currently vaccinating those in Phase 1A, which includes healthcare workers, long-term care staff and residents, and anyone over age 70. Beginning Monday, Feb. 8, residents age 65 and older will be able to make an appointment to get vaccinated, regardless of health status or pre-existing conditions. The state is already vaccinating patients admitted to the hospital who are over age 65.

Click here to find vaccine providers near you in North Carolina.

Click here to find vaccine providers near you in South Carolina.


Until Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement of opening COVID-19 vaccinations to those 65 years and older, only those over age 75 or those in the previous Phase 1a were able to receive a vaccine in North Carolina.

“Providers can now vaccinate all healthcare workers and those 65 and older,” NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen says.

A new vaccination structure provided by NCDHHS includes 5 groups:

Group 1: Health care workers & Long-Term Care staff and residents

Group 2: Older adults

Group 3: Frontline essential workers

Group 4: Adults at high risk for exposure and increased risk of severe illness

Group 5: Everyone who wants a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination

Health leaders say $2.5 million is being used to help pay for rides for individual people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina.

$2.5M being used to help pay for rides to receive COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina

The funding is being distributed to local transit agencies across the state to help pay for rides for those who need transportation assistance to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Mecklenburg County

The main county clinic is set up at Bojangles’ Coliseum off East Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, where vaccinations will take place 6 days a week. This clinic started on Monday, Jan. 4 for people in the state’s previous Phase 1a, which included long-term care residents and staff, as well as select healthcare workers.

North Carolina has since implemented a plan consisting of groups 1-6.

Appointments for those age 75 or older, regardless of health status or living situation, started Tuesday, Jan. 5. To make an appointment online, visit or

Mecklenburg County opened additional appointments for the first three weeks of February for Groups 1 and 2 based on anticipated vaccine supply. This includes residents age 65 and older. Appointments opened up for scheduling on Jan. 21 at 8:30 a.m.

Group 1 includes healthcare workers with current in-person patient contact and long-term care staff and residents.

Group 2 includes anyone 65 years or older, regardless of health status or living situation.

Mecklenburg County also announced those in Group 3, pre-K through 12th grade educators, school staff, and childcare providers are eligible for appointments between Feb. 24 and March 9. They can begin scheduling these appointments at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 12.

To make an appointment, call 980-314-9400 and select option 3.

COVID-19 vaccine appointments opening for educators and school staff

Groups 1 and 2 are encouraged to continue making appointments at any available times.

Public Health is opening February appointments for the first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine for Groups 1 and 2 based on the anticipated vaccine supply. Eligible Group 1 and 2 members may make a first dose appointment online at

Phone appointments may be made by calling 980-314-9400 and selecting option 3. MCPH will attempt to return calls within 24-48 business hours. If unable to secure an appointment right away, residents are encouraged to continue to check for updates.

Mecklenburg County says they are seeing a high amount of call volume and ask residents to remain patient.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available in limited supply, with availability increasing through 2021 as supplies increase. Each vaccine requires two shots. The interval between doses for the Pfizer vaccine is 21 days; for Moderna, the interval is 28 days.

Instructions for the second dose will be provided after the first dose.

Mecklenburg County officials says during appointments, they will verify that residents have an appointment and will be verifying residents’ name and date of birth. “But we do not require any specific form of ID,” county officials say.

No walk-ins will be accepted at this time. Valid identification showing proof of age will be required.

Mass Vaccination Clinics

The Charlotte area hosted its first mass vaccination clinic at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where more than 15,000 people over age 65 got vaccinated.

Atrium Health, Tepper Sports and Entertainment, Honeywell and the Charlotte Motor Speedway are working together to provide a million doses of the vaccine by July 4th.

Bank of America Stadium in uptown Charlotte will be the host of the next mass vaccination site in Mecklenburg County for those age 65 and older this weekend, but those appointments are already full.

FACTS About COVID-19 Vaccines

For more information, click here.

Rowan County

Rowan County Health Department is actively vaccinating individuals who fall within Group 1 and Group 2. The county began providing second doses for those in Group and 2 on January 28. After February 24, Rowan County health officials those in Group 3 will be eligible to receive their vaccine: Essential workers, childcare and K-12 personnel.

Group 1 and Group 2 includes healthcare workers with in-patient contact and those 65 years and older, regardless of health status or living situation.

After weeks of distributing the vaccine on a first-come, first-served basis, the county moved to the appointment model as of Monday, Jan. 25.

The county will open appointment slots on Mondays at 10 a.m. each week for Wednesday vaccine clinics. In February, Rowan County Public Health will host second-COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

To make an appointment, visit the First Dose Clinics webpage here.


The location for first and second vaccination doses is at West End Plaza: 1935 Jake Alexander Blvd W in Salisbury.

Please tune into 88.7 FM while onsite or text RoCoPod to 888777 for clinic updates and traffic information.

Eligibility for patients receiving first doses:

  • Please bring a form of ID and your insurance card or a copy front/back (if you have one).
  • Please complete the Vaccination Registration Form (PDF) in advance if you are able to help speed up the process.
  • The vaccine is free, but we will file insurance for the administrative cost. There is no cost to you regardless of insurance.

Eligibility for patients receiving second doses:

  • Individuals need to bring their insurance cards as we will bill for the administrative costs. Vaccines are still provided at no cost to individuals.
  • For this clinic, citizens will be checked against a list we receive from the CVMS (COVID19 Vaccine Management System) from the state specific to the first doses that Rowan County Public Health gave out. At this time, the county is not able to provide a second dose for a person who did not receive their first dose from Rowan County Public Health.
  • The county says they cannot provide a first dose for anyone coming through the clinic. You will be turned away if you arrive and it is not your time to receive a second dose.

If you are due for your second vaccination this week, you should have received a phone call from the COVID Information Line (980-432-1800) and/or an email from the county ( with the subject line: RoCo COVID Info, on Friday evening (Jan. 29).

Click here for clinic dates

Click here for FAQ on the second vaccine dose

Rowan County Health Department currently provides the Moderna vaccine, which requires a second dose 28 days or later after the first dose. The date listed on the vaccine card an individual receives when they get their first dose is the first date a person may be eligible, but may not be the date we hold the vaccination clinic depending on a number of factors.

There is a window of opportunity after the 28 days for you to receive your second vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no maximum interval between the first and second doses for either vaccine. Rowan County Public Health strives to give second doses as soon as possible after the 28-day window.

Avery County

Avery County health officials are vaccinating those 65 and older.

Residents are asked to fill out this form to determine if they’re eligible and if so, to make an appointment.

Cold temperatures in the mountains have caused the county to delay some second vaccine doses. The county manager says those involved will be notified.

Anson County

Anson County is now vaccinating those 75 and older.

If you haven’t scheduled your vaccine, please call 704-694-5188, option 1 to schedule an appointment. Anson County Emergency Management assisted with the drive-thru clinic.

“It will take us some time to work through the 75 and older group due to our limited staffing and the need to continue to provide our other public health services, managing the recent surge in cases, etc.” county officials said.

Burke County

Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge, Burke County Public Schools, Burke Emergency Management and Burke County Health Department are working in collaboration to get vaccines to our residents in the priority Groups 1 and 2 based on the NC DHHS guidelines. This includes essential healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, etc., and those in long term care/group homes, etc. This group also includes people who are 65 years old and older.

If you are 65 years or older and wish to get the vaccine, please call the Community Vaccine Call Center to schedule an appointment at 828-358-4454. The call center will be open Monday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to assist with scheduling.

Cabarrus County

Cabarrus Health Alliance’s COVID-19 staff are actively vaccinating individuals who fall within the Group 1 and Group 2.

Click here to make an appointment

All future clinics will be by appointment only. “Any person without an appointment will be turned away and asked to make an appointment,” CHA says.

Before you come, you’re asked to:

  • Print and bring your completed registration form with you. (Registration form in Spanish)
  • Bring a copy of your insurance card (front and back).
  • Bring proof of ID that qualifies you as being in Group 1 or proof of date of birth for Group 2.

Second Dose Appointment Scheduling

CHA opened second dose appointments on Monday, January 18, 2021. Individuals who have already received their first dose, were given a ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card’. The date on the back of that card is NOT an appointment, it is the first day the patient is eligible to receive their second dose:

  • Pfizer second dose can be administered as early as 21 days after the first dose
  • Moderna second dose can be administered as early as 28 days after the first dose

Caldwell County

Health officials in Caldwell County are vaccinating those 65 and older. Call (828) 426-8486 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to be added to the vaccine list. Residents can also sign up at

Update: January 25, 2021

On Jan. 25, Caldwell County Health Department officials said they received word that they would receive 400 doses of COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 26. The staff is working to reschedule appointments. Typically, the department is allotted 400 doses of Moderna and 975 Pfizer. However, shipments are not always as many doses as allotted.

The department is working with the local community college’s nursing program to administer vaccines and is capable of giving between 300 and 400 vaccines per day.

Catawba County

Catawba County Public Health, Catawba Valley Health System (CVHS) and Frye Regional Medical Center (FRMC) are working to schedule appointments for those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through a new website,

Through the site, those 65 years of age and older may request COVID-19 vaccination appointments and complete the state-required pre-registration process online.

The website provides an option for appointment requests without requiring time waiting to connect with an appointment specialist by phone. Due to the continued heavy demand for appointments and limited vaccine supply, appointments requested both online and by phone are currently being scheduled several weeks out from the time a person connects with an appointment specialist.

To complete an online appointment request, individuals will be asked to confirm their eligibility and then complete and submit a form with their first name, last name, an e-mail address to receive information to complete the pre-registration process, and the phone number where they can be reached by an appointment specialist. A separate form must be filled out for each person requesting an appointment. Only one request per person will be accepted.

Individuals who submit the form will receive an e-mail from NC CVMS, the state’s vaccine registration site, with a link to complete their appointment pre-registration online and verify their vaccine eligibility with the state system. Individuals are asked to complete the online pre-registration within 24 hours of receiving the e-mail from NC CVMS.

From there, an appointment specialist from CVHS, FRMC, or Public Health will call the phone number provided to schedule the appointment.

Individuals will be provided with the date, time and location of their appointment, along with any other information they may need. They will also be informed about how and when to schedule their appointment for their second dose of the vaccine.

Appointments are also available by calling the Catawba County Public Health COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment line (828-695-6650) Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Gaston County

As Gaston County rolled out its second large-scale vaccination clinic at the Gastonia Farmer’s Market, it is also preparing for the change in requirements rolled out recently by the state.

The state has added in the 65-to-74-year-old population as part of what is now being referred to as Group 2. Gaston County is continuing to register individuals both through its hotline, 704-866-3170, and at

The County will soon be adding vaccination days on Wednesdays in addition to Fridays as it will soon not only be providing the first shot to hundreds of residents at a time, but also the second round of vaccine to complete the process.

Those in the 65-74 age range should expect it may take a few weeks to get to their turn in line as the County has booked out appointments with remaining healthcare workers (Group 1) and the 75-and-over population that have pre-registered for appointments.

Vaccination clinics continue to be by appointment only.

Once the county receives notice on allocation amounts for future weeks, it will then make an announcement on opening future appointments at Residents who have pre-registered for their spot in line will be notified by email (or phone if no email address was provided) when new appointments become available

Cleveland County

At their December 15 meeting, the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners was presented with a vaccination plan, which included use of the Moderna vaccine. Following approval of that plan, the County immediately began implementing phase 1A ― which was dedicated to healthcare providers, senior living facilities, and first responders.

The state has since implemented a plan implementing groups 1 through 6.

The timing of the county’s mass vaccination rollout for Group 1 and 2 is primarily dependent on the weekly dosage allocation received from NCDHHS, county officials say.

There will be up to four (4) POD locations – with only one being utilized at a time:

1. Burns Middle School

2. Kings Mountain Intermediate School

3. Crest High School

4. The LeGrand Center

County officials believe that there is capacity to hold three mass drive through vaccination clinics per week. The LeGrand Center would be a standing site that is used weekly, and the other school sites will be utilized on Wednesdays and Saturdays on a rotating basis, county officials say.

Once the Health Department confirms adequate vaccine inventory for a particular week, eligible members will receive a letter in the mail confirming their eligibility and their personal designated vaccination site.

Alexander County

Vaccine clinics for those over 75 are underway in Alexander County. Residents can call a hotline to make an appointment: 828-352-7724.

If you get an answering machine, you’re asked to leave a message. Shots will be given at the health department and the Alexander Senior Center.

Iredell County

Iredell County is now offering the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 65 and over, healthcare workers, and first responders.

To help speed up the process, residents are asked to print and complete the first page of this registration form to bring to the vaccination clinic. Clinics start at 10 a.m.

Numbers will be handed out upon arrival. Everyone that receives a number will be vaccinated. If you do not receive a number, there will be additional vaccination clinics, county officials say.

The Iredell County Health Department will be offering the COVID-19 vaccine to the community at various drive-thru sites throughout the community.

The next first-come, first-served clinic will be held Friday, Feb. 12, at North Iredell High School beginning at 10 a.m. and will involve vaccinating high-risk medical providers, first responders and those 65 and older.

Click here for more vaccination locations

Lincoln County


The Lincoln County Health Department has now opened up appointments to individuals 65 years and older. Unfortunately, the county says it is limited in appointments due to limited vaccine. Lincoln County will offer 200 appointments per week for the next two weeks beginning on Thursday, February 11.

The health department will use an online appointment system for the Thursday and Friday slots for the appointments each week.

Anyone with an appointment will be asked to bring in a print out of their appointment confirmation or proper identification. For people in the eligible priority that do not have the means for online scheduling, the health department will reserve an allocation that can be made by phone at 704-736-8509.

The appointment slots will be made available online February 8th at 8am EST. The vaccine appointment link can be found here.

Union County

If you are in Group 1 or Group 2, please complete our COVID-19 vaccine prescreen form (haga clic aquí para llenar el formulario en español) or call 704-292-2550 for appointment availability. Vaccinations are being scheduled by appointment only, based on vaccine availability.

Atrium Health

Visit Atrium Health’s COVID-19 vaccine webpage for options to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination for those who meet the criteria for the current groups.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a second dose a set number of days after the initial vaccination. The second vaccination must be from the same manufacturer and received at the same location.

County leaders say residents may not make a vaccination appointment if:

  • You have taken passive antibody therapy in the past 90 days
  • Have had ANY other vaccine in the past 14 days
  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 30 days
  • You are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms including but not limited to (fever, loss of taste, loss of smell, body aches, etc.)
  • You are quarantining due to contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19

Richmond County

Richmond County health officials began vaccinating those 65 and older on January 19.

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital – Richmond and the Richmond County Health Department are hosting several clinics every week. The clinics are open only to Richmond County residents who have scheduled an appointment.

Call 910-417-3030 to schedule an appointment.

In Richmond County, all residents will receive the Moderna vaccine, which requires two doses. The second dose will be given around 28 days after the first dose. Health officials for schedule the second dose at the time the first dose is given.

County officials say residents should be prepared to wait for up to 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to be monitored for any potential side effects.

Stanly County

Stanly County Health Department is now administering vaccines for eligible residents age 75 and older.

To register for a vaccination, residents may call Stanly County’s COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 980-323-0205. The hotline will be open from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during the week.

Residents will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Employer, if applicable
  • Job description

Stanly County Health Department is following guidance from the state for vaccine distribution. The Stanly County Health Department says it will be notifying the public when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to them during each phase.

timeline © Provided by WPDE Myrtle Beach/Florence


Any South Carolinian age 70 or older can sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. This group started in South Carolina Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Beginning Monday, February 8, any South Carolina resident aged 65 or older, regardless of health status or preexisting conditions, can begin scheduling their appointment to receive COVID-19 vaccine.

You can find out about appointments here.

As North Carolina moves to Phase 1B Monday, South Carolina’s timeline slower

Individuals eligible to receive the vaccine can schedule an appointment, which currently includes several major hospitals, seven DHEC sites, a DHEC mobile clinic and 12 doctor’s cares locations.

Health officials say steps to expedite access to additional South Carolinians – including teachers and others in Phase 1b – will be made based on the use of the vaccine, the number of appointments made, and other information on vaccine supply.

For questions about COVID-19 vaccines and to help support people searching for vaccine provider information, call 1-866-365-8110.

Individuals can also call the DHEC Care Line at 1-855-472-3432 for assistance with scheduling an appointment.

Lancaster County

COVID-19 Vaccine scheduling is now available for individuals 70 years and older at MUSC Health–Lancaster division.

Effective Tues. Jan 12, vaccine administration scheduling is now available for the following categories of individuals and those who are 70+.

  • Healthcare workers providing direct medical care in any setting
  • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
  • Workers exposed to bodily fluids: autopsy team, embalmers, coroners, funeral home, laboratory
  • Anyone 70 years and older, regardless of health status or preexisting conditions

To make an appointment, please go to

At this point, you will be asked questions to ensure you can proceed with scheduling. As you proceed to schedule, sign in as a GUEST, even if you have a MyChart account.

Once you are in the link, you may choose among the locations closest to you to schedule your date and time.

When presenting for your vaccine appointment, you will be required to show identification that you fall into one of the afore mentioned sectors.

Please know changes and updates are fluid. As information updates, our social media pages will be updated as well.

A phone number is also being developed for those who may not have access to the internet. When that number is available, you will be notified. In the interim, individuals may also call the DHEC Care Line at 855-472-3432.


Posted by MUSC Health Lancaster Medical Center on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

All vaccine locations are appointment only and under Phase 1A.

MUSC Lancaster:

  • 800 West Meeting St Lancaster, SC 29720

Schedule an appointment here.


  • 1101 Highway 9 Bypass W Lancaster, SC 29720

Schedule an appointment here.


  • 8360 Charlotte Hwy Indian Land, SC 29707

Schedule an appointment here.

York County

A community vaccination clinic is now open in Rock Hill.

The clinic, led by Rock Hill in cooperation with SC DHEC and Piedmont Medical Center, is located at the Galleria Mall at 2301 Dave Lyle Blvd in Rock Hill. It is in the space formerly occupied by Home South and Goody’s. Operating hours will be Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by appointment only. The clinic opened January 22.

People can register now for appointments.

Click here sign up.

Appointments are required and will follow the guidelines for phased eligibility outlined by DHEC, with availability dependent upon the number of doses received each week from DHEC. Appointments for second doses will be made at the time the first shot is given.

Appointments will be filled weekly based on the number of vaccine doses available. When no additional appointments are available, patients will be told to check back online to schedule appointments as they become available.

The clinic was closed Feb. 11 because of a limited supply of doses, but will reopen Feb. 12.

Dozens of volunteers are needed daily to assist with a variety of tasks including registration, data entry, and answering phones to make appointments and answer questions. Medical professionals are also needed to administer shots and observe patients following their inoculation.

Volunteer shifts are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays.

The county has several other vaccination locations. All are by appointment only and vaccinating those in Phase 1A.


  • 158 Hwy 274 Lake Wylie, SC 29710
  • 928 Gold Hill Rd Fort Mill, SC 29708
  • 2186 Cherry Rd Rock Hill, SC 29732 (Suite 101)
  • 1735 Heckle Blvd Rock Hill, SC 29732

Schedule an appointment at Publix here.


  • 500 N Dobys Bridge Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715

Schedule an appointment at Walmart by calling 803-228-6130.

Rock Hill Health Department:

  • 1070 Heckle Blvd Rock Hill, SC 29732

Get more information by calling 1-855-472-3432.


  • 2000 Celanese Rd Rock Hill, SC 29732

Schedule an appointment at Walgreens here.

Doctor’s Care:

  • 2174 Cherry Rd Rock Hill, SC 29732

Schedule an appointment at Doctor’s Care here.

Chester County

The county only has one location at the MUSC Chester hospital. It is by appointment only and for Phase 1A.

  • 1 Medical Park Drive Chester, SC 29706

Schedule an appointment here.

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