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What happened to the American sense of responsibility? | PennLive letters logo 12/19/2020 Joyce S. Raser,

The last five years have heightened Americans’ sense of entitlement.

The president thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants (e.g. ripping babies out of parents’ arms, pardoning criminals who have pleaded guilty, attacking women’s bodies, not wearing a mask, appropriating special medical care, golfing while thousands die).

Judges think they can make rulings to control women’s bodies.

U.S. lawmakers think approving judges is more important than helping their constituents who are losing their homes and are unable to feed their children.

Local lawmakers think their focus should be on not wearing masks and fighting for a lost election.

Athletes can be tested for COVID at will, but medical personnel cannot.

Friends and family think that neither COVID travel nor crowd restrictions apply to them.

Where has our sense of responsibility gone?

Joyce S. Raser, Hummelstown, PA


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