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Without Roe, former Abortion providers are left with few alternatives

Since the fall of Roe V. Wade, thousands of abortion clinics across the country have either shut down or drastically changed the way they operate. In some states, abortion clinics can't actually provide abortions, and their employees are legally forbidden from giving verbal guidance to pregnant individuals seeking such care -- or else they could face jail time. Last weekend Ali Velshi went inside one of those clinics -- the West Alabama Women's Center in the city of Tuscaloosa -- which was forced to stop providing abortions the day Roe was rolled back. He spoke with the clinic's operations director, Robin Marty, about where this fight goes next. “We need resources,” says Marty. “We need to be able to have pregnancy centers that provide care for pregnant and parenting people that did not make you go to a Bible study class in order to get your bassinet.” Much of the money the organization raised from donations after the fall of Roe went to buying birth control, because now “you can’t get it here.”

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