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Year in Review: The worst California policy of 2022 — becoming a sanctuary for child mutilation

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 12/23/2022 Zachary Faria
Transgender symbol and pencils with the color of Lgbt flag on the blackboard. © Eoneren/Getty Images Transgender symbol and pencils with the color of Lgbt flag on the blackboard.

Democrats push many destructive policies in California in any given year. But the worst policy of 2022 was clearly to make the Golden State a “sanctuary state” for the mutilation of children.

The idea that children have many questions about the world, including why they are the gender they are, was never a controversial one before, nor was the fact that children going through puberty oftentimes feel uncomfortable about the process. But transgender activists have turned both of these things into a culture war battleground. They now demand that children be pushed into gender transitions if they raise even a single question or concern about the topic.


The Democratic Party has obliged them by giving them a safe space to poison and mutilate children. The establishment media and many in the medical establishment are also abetting this atrocity. With all this support, in October, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a bill making California the first “sanctuary state” for child gender transitions, with all the damage that comes with it.

Children as young as 5 are being pushed down the path of “gender affirmation,” which is to say they are being told by irresponsible adults that they are the opposite gender and that the only way for them to be happy is to have life-altering and irreversible medical treatments. That includes putting children on puberty blockers, which do irreversible and still unknowable damage to them because one cannot simply pause puberty and reverse the decision later. Children are then pumped full of hormones and prepared for surgical mutilations to make them the gender of their choice.

In some cases, the surgeries are pushed on children before they are even adults, as has been the case with many double mastectomies for teenage girls. Parents are being fed horror stories that their children will kill themselves unless they make them undergo this irreversible process — an assertion that isn’t borne out by any data at all. Then these children are left broken as adults, with chemical imbalances and a body they don’t want, likely unable to have children, and saddled with several negative health effects that will only become clearer as years go by.


This is what California just made itself a sanctuary state for.

The state even went so far as to make sure it had “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over children trying to change their gender, meaning that even if their parents object, they would be unable to do anything about it.

The Golden State is the gold standard for how not to run a state, but none of the laws or regulations with which it saddles its fleeing population compares to this. California wants to be the nation’s most destructive sanctuary, and it doesn’t care how many children are irreparably harmed in the name of political correctness.


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