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Zoo Atlanta welcomes new endangered species

WXIA-TV Atlanta 9/11/2022 Jessica Moore
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A pair of wrinkled hornbills are now calling Zoo Atlanta their new home. 

The zoo welcomed the new bird species last week after receiving a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Malfoy, 26, and Strawberry, 14, have been busy checking out their new digs, which was previously the rhinoceros hornbill habitat. 

The pair is gradually being introduced to each other so only one may be visible at a time in the coming days, Zoo Atlanta said. 

Wrinkled hornbills are native to southeast Asia and are primarily black with blue skin around their eyes. Males and females can be distinguished from one another by their throat pouches, which are blue in females and pale yellow in males. They can also be identified by their eyes, which are greyish brown in females and red in males, according to Zoo Atlanta.

“We are very excited to welcome the wrinkled hornbills to Zoo Atlanta. These are visually dynamic, highly engaging birds that will provide a wonderful new complement to the animal population,” Vice President of Collections and Conservation Jennifer Mickelberg said. “Importantly, this endangered species highlights some of the gravest threats facing wildlife today: one, the nearly ubiquitous challenge of habitat loss, and two, the far-reaching consequences of the illegal wildlife trade.” 

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