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'Taste-Tester' Bear Munches on Pinot Noir Grapes at California Vineyard

It’s coming up to harvest time at the Navarro Winery in California, but they’re happy to share some of their more delectable pinot noir grapes with a local bear. In fact, they positively encourage it, having put in “bear ladders” to allow wildlife through their vineyards. CCTV footage from the winery shows their nighttime visitor helping itself to the pinot grapes on a number of occasions in recent weeks. Aaron Bennett, of the winery, told Storyful the bear in this video has been visiting for a few years. “We’re happy to share a few grapes every season,” he said. The vineyard’s cameras also record bobcats, mountain lions, foxes, and coyotes traversing the land, Bennett said. Credit: Navarro Vineyard via Storyful
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