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Parenting Expert On How To Raise A Kid Who Is A ‘Thriver’

“Science is telling us that if we really want to raise a thriver, a kid who’s got it, ‘I can do it,’ it’s a balance,” says parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba. “It’s a balance between love, and warmth, and respect, but also that clear structure.” Author of the new book Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine, Dr. Borba joins Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode to examine the parenting techniques of a mom who says her 15-year-old daughter was a “phenomenal young lady” until a few years ago when she started smoking marijuana, sneaking out, and speaking disrespectfully. In the video above, hear what tactics Dr. Borba says she believes need to change, and why it’s important to help your child build integrity. Dr. Borba offers more advice – including how to create a resilient child – on "'How Do I Parent My ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Daughter?'" Check local listings to see where you can tune in. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you have a hopeless mother or daughter conflict? WATCH: Teen Says When Mom Took Electronics, It Made Her Want To Do ‘More Bad Things’
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