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Pokémon Adventures Sinnoh [Game Concept]

To innovate. To evolve. This is NOT a game, this is an animated game concept made in Blender, After Effects and Photoshop, so have in mind, it is just fanart. I want to thank you all for your love and feedback. I make these so I can inspire and motivate other creators/developpers and to give you all a peak at what could someday be the future of Pokémon games as I try to be part of it. This is just the beggining of a long series, so stay tuned as much more is to come in the future. *SPOILER* Don't read this before watching the video. - - - - - I want to give a huge thanks to @dreamcast for redesigning the protagonists and for many more artworks he's helping me with, which are soon to come and I'm happy to announce that he will be working with me for upcomming designs and concepts. Twitter: Instagram: Thanks to @Zame , @StevenMix and @Pokestir for the music Huge thanks to @Haruka_2525_ and @Hinata_tama33 for their amazing voice acting performing Flint and Dawn respectively. If you too want to work with me either with designs, sound, voice acting or any other area you love, please do not hesitate in contacting as I'll be very happy to collaborate with more creators and I dream that one day we, the artists and creators of the Pokémon community will all join in a major project. Once again, thank you so much for taking your time and being here, I'll see you soon, have a beautiful day and a good night. Socials Twitter: Instagram: If you want to help me making more content like this: Links: Route 206 (Day): Remastered: BATTLE! GYM LEADER: Remaster: Battle! Giratina || Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Opening Movie (D/P Intro): Remaster: #millenniumloops #Pokémon #PokémonAdventuresSinnoh
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