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Woman Tells Mom She Wishes She Would Stop Drinking And Be The Fun, Loving Mom And Grandma She Once Was

JoLynn says that she has a problem with alcohol, admitting that she sometimes drinks up to six 24-ounce beers in a day. She’s landed in jail and has lost relationships due to her excessive drinking. One of the relationships that has become estranged is that with her adult daughter. Hear her daughter’s message to her in the video above. How does JoLynn react? Does she want to have a relationship with her daughter and grandchildren? JoLynn and her husband, Keith, say they’ve come to Dr. Phil to get JoLynn help, after a recent arrest where she claims police “abused” her while in custody. On Thursday’s episode, an Alameda County Sheriff’s Department representative explains why he claims JoLynn’s injuries were “self-inflicted.” Is JoLynn ready to change? Watch more on Thursday's episode, "Exclusive Police Footage Revealed: What Really Happened to JoLynn?" And check local listings to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help? WATCH: Sergeant Says Images Of Woman’s Bruised Face After Jail Stay Are ‘Misleading’
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