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Aiding Ukraine could make U.S a target for Russian attacks

WWL Radio New Orleans 5/6/2022 Newell Normand
American and Ukrainian flags fly against a building © Provided by WWL Radio New Orleans American and Ukrainian flags fly against a building

It appears the Russian invasion of Ukraine has reached a bit of a stalemate. This means the fight could go on for sometime, but which side will prevail remains uncertain. The U.S. has aided Ukraine with money and weapons to stifle Russian forces, but that involvement could also make the U.S. vulnerable to an attack from Russia. I spoke with Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities, to get some more details on the war.

Given Ukraine’s supply line challenges, one would think Russia would have taken over more territory in Ukraine by now.

Russia is increasing attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure that would allow vehicles and gear to get to the front lines.  Recently, there were four train stations and relay stations throughout Eastern and Western Ukraine that were bombed. Russia is stepping up their attempts to slow down and stop Ukrainian forces from getting the supplies they need to fight.

How surprised are you by the resistance that the Ukrainians have been able to put up?

It's really very impressive that Ukrainian troops have been able to hang on the way they have. Also, we have to understand that there is tremendous bad blood between not just Russia and Ukraine, but between the Russian-speaking Ukrainians and the Western Ukrainians. That's why you basically had a civil war for eight years from 2014 up until the start of this war.

It’s been supercharged since the invasion started in February. It's clear that the Ukrainian people will make any sacrifice to prevent their country from being overrun by Russian forces. Up to this point, the Ukrainians have equipped themselves well.

There's a New York Times story stating U.S. defense officials confirmed that they are the reason why the Ukrainians have been so successful in taking out Russian generals. When I read that, I was curious - why would the U.S. want to confirm that?

I think everybody knows that we've been helping with targeting and  intelligence gathering. I just hope that this wasn't born out of some sort of presumptuous arrogance by U.S. defense. If there's one thing we know about Russia, whatever shortfalls they've shown on the battlefield, they have historically been a tit-for-tat kind of country. I think they will take some sort of revenge against the United States at some point, especially if the casualties keep rising. When the U.S. announced that we're specifically doing that, it just puts a bigger target, potentially, on Americans and American leaders.

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