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Avoid These Dangerous Mistakes When Spring Cleaning

Avoid These Dangerous Mistakes When , Spring Cleaning. Spring is here, which means many people are ready to spruce up their homes in honor of the new season. . Unfortunately, there are a number of risky behaviors that can make spring cleaning a hazard. Here are 10 dangerous mistakes to avoid when spring cleaning. . 1. Improperly using a ladder. 2. Mixing cleaning chemicals and causing a dangerous reaction. . 3. Using cleaning tools that are already dirty. 4. Not wearing proper protective equipment. 5. Storing cleaning products in easily-accessible locations that children or pets may get into. . 6. Using a vacuum with dirty, bacteria-filled bristles. . 7. Improperly lifting heavy objects. 8. Cleaning up animal droppings without proper protection. . 9. Improperly disposing of cleaning products. 10. Not allowing proper ventilation while cleaning.
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