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Bighorn Sheep Joins Photographer at Scenic Rocky Mountain Overlook

A bighorn sheep joined a photographer who was taking in a scenic view from the summit of Mount Evans, Colorado, this summer, daringly walking right over to her. Christina Ardolino filmed the spectacular view (and company) after making her way up the mountain. Ardolino said she sat down to rest on the edge of the mountaintop when “this babe was walking alongside the mountain from afar and came all the way over to check me out and see what I was looking at.” Ardolino said the sheep was “so calm and so curious about me. She would keep turning and facing me, and just stare at me, then turn back and gaze off into the clouds. She spent a good five minutes hanging out, before slowly heading off,” Ardolino said. She shared the video on Facebook on August 1. Credit: Christina Ardolino via Storyful
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