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Bombshell DNA Results: Madeleine McCann Claimant Eager For Truth About Her Identity, Vows To Get Answers After Family 'Refused' To 'Talk About The Past'

Radar Online logo Radar Online 3/24/2023 Samantha Benitz
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The 21-year-old woman from Poland who claims to be Madeleine McCann told in a world-exclusive interview that incoming DNA test results may finally help piece together a puzzle that has left investigators stumped for nearly 16 years.

Julia Wendell, who garnered mass attention after going public with her claims on now-deactivated Instagram @IAmMadeleineMcCann, submitted three DNA samples that are just days away from coming in as she hunkers down in a Los Angeles safe house after fleeing from her country following a string of death threats and being shut out by her family.

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Wendell is committed to learning the truth about her past and finding out who she really is after years of enduring sexual abuse at the hands of a man she believes could be involved in the McCann case, telling reporter Samantha Benitz that her mother allegedly could not produce pregnancy or baby photos, indicating that she may be a victim of possible trafficking.

"Everybody has pictures from holidays, and it typical for Polish families to take a lot of pictures from holidays so I think that it is weird," Wendell said.

Adding to the mystery was the discovery that records from the hospital where she was born showed she didn't exist until after the age of five.

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California-based private investigator and psychic medium Dr. Fia Johansson, who sat down for the emotional on-camera interview, said Wendell's mom allegedly kicked her out of the house in 2021. She told that if the DNA results show that she is British like missing Maddie, it will further their investigation into the McCann case.

Wendell had already attempted to force her parents in Poland to take a paternity test, but was unsuccessful despite her passionate pleas. "I asked for DNA test, they refused," she alleged to "They didn't want to give me birth certificate. They didn't want to talk about the past."

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The couple who raised Wendell was unwilling to cooperate with Johansson's investigators, stating that she is troubled and seeking attention by claiming to be the 3-year-old British girl kidnapped in May 2007 while on vacation with her parents in Portugal.

Dr. Johansson said they went to the courthouse in the city of Wroclaw, but in Poland, there is a law which states you can't force parents to take a DNA test.

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Johansson said the mother "refused" to have any conversation with her and was MIA when they went to her place of work twice. Dr. Fia said they were getting the DNA test done in the U.S. in a fervent bid to crack the cold case once and for all.

"We will figure it out exactly where you come from because we do have access to Madeleine McCann DNA test. And we will basically compare," she told

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Johansson said she very much understands why the McCann family doesn't want to be disturbed after enduring the pain and heartbreak they already have. Dr. Fia said getting answers through DNA testing will bring her and Wendell one step closer to finding out the 21-year-old's true identity as they simultaneously investigate leads into her abuser.

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Wendell said her family allegedly not only deprived her of answers about her upbringing, also claiming they ignored her revelations about the alleged abuse in her childhood.

An empathetic Wendell said she also grasped why the McCanns wouldn't want to become heavily involved "because they are a family and as Fia said they have another two children, and they have to protect them, and I really understand it. So, I think the best thing we can do is check the results when they will come and it depends where I come from."


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