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Boy Bites Back And Kills Poisonous Snake After Deadly Attack

Giant Freakin Robot 11/9/2022 Vic Medina
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It’s perhaps the greatest instance of irony ever: a deadly cobra got more than it bargained for after it attacked an eight-year-old boy in India, and the young man in turn bit back and killed the slithery creature. According to a report by The New Indian Express (via Complex), the incident happened in the Pandarpadh village in India’s Jashpur district last week, involving a young boy named Deepak. He says after the serpent wrapped itself around his arm and bit him, it resisted letting go, leaving the boy no alternative but to bite the snake back.

While playing in his backyard, Deepak said the cobra emerged and wrapped itself tightly around his arm, biting him on the hand and causing great pain. “The reptile didn't budge when I tried to shake it off, (so) I bit it hard twice,” Deepak said. The two bites were apparently deep enough to kill the snake.

The boy was rushed to a nearby medical center, given anti-venom, and admitted for observation, only to be released a day later. Amazingly, the young boy has suffered no ill effects, as the snake bite was a “dry bite,” meaning the cobra struck before having the chance to have its glands produce venom to enter the fangs. This often happens when snakes are surprised, and it is likely the reason the young man survived the attack.

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Even a dry bite can be painful, but they are very rare. A local doctor reportedly told the press that he had never seen a “dry” cobra bite in all of his years of work in the area. The area where Deepak lives is known as “Naglok,” or the “abode of serpents,” because over 200 species of snakes call the heavily-vegetated area home.

Amazingly, this isn’t the only recent instance of a child biting a snake that bit them. In August, a two year old in Turkey bit and killed a snake that had bit her. It is believed the snake was a small, non-venomous snake.

Cobras are incredibly intelligent, and while they are usually not aggressive, they will do whatever they can to free themselves from captivity and survive. Just a couple of weeks ago, a king cobra in a Swedish zoo (named Sir Hiss after the Disney Robin Hood character) somehow managed to escape its enclosure, earning the new name “Houdini.” It has yet to be found.

If you’re wondering if this is one of many odd snake stories to emerge in recent months, you aren’t alone: a number of snake-related incidents have made the news this past year. Over the summer, a Miami zoo discovered that a large cottonmouth snake had escaped its enclosure and eaten a python in a neighboring cage. Just days ago, a British woman awoke to find her neighbor’s snake had escaped its enclosure and climbed into bed with her, although luckily the snake was a non-venomous corn snake, it was several feet long.

Last week, a python in Indonesia killed and swallowed a woman whole. It was later caught and killed, and the woman’s body found inside.

As if these stories weren’t terrifying enough, an idiot YouTuber created robot legs for a Burmese python, allowing it to walk around like a lizard.

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