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Cobra Kai: What Kim Da-Eun's Partnership with Terry Silver Means

CBR 8/28/2022 Michael Li
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To spread Cobra Kai across the valley and possibly over the world, Terry Silver brings in several new sensei to help teach the way of the fist. One of these new sensei happens to be Kim Da-Eun, now confirmed to be the granddaughter of both Silver and Kreese's sensei, Kim Sun-Yun. But what does her appearance on Cobra Kai entail for Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai in Season 5?

In a recent sneak peek, Terry Silver is seen greeting Kim Da-Eun as she walks down an airplane staircase. He gives her the same share he promised to give Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III, but also adds in that he wants to pass down his sensei's legacy. With this in mind, and the fact that she's featured interacting with the students far more than the other sensei, means that Terry will have a closer working relationship with Kim Da-Eun.

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Throughout both the teaser trailer and the promotional images, Kim Da-Eun is seen testing and instructing students. When Tory is seen kicking a student when down, Kim berates and physically beats her in punishment. Kim Da-Eun is seen again overseeing Tory undergoing the Quick Silver Method, but punching brick instead of wood like Daniel did. However, this does appear to be from early on in the fifth season, as Tory is seen expressing guilt over her win at the All Valley Tournament.

With Kim Da-Eun being the granddaughter of Kim Sun-Yun, this would mean that she is the lineage holder of Cobra Kai Karate, just as Chozen is the lineage holder of Miyagi-Do. Although fans of the series believe that Miyagi-Do is superior to Cobra Kai due to its use of pressure points and other more dangerous techniques, Kim Da-Eun might change that. It's entirely possible that she knows some sort of pressure point techniques herself and teaches them to Silver. If she does, then Miyagi-Do is in for a storm of trouble as Silver is much more dangerous and brutal than any opponent that they have faced.

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Another theory is that Kim Da-Eun may end up betraying Silver and take Cobra Kai away from him, just as he took it from Kreese, and how Kreese took it from Johnny. This recurring aspect of taking the Cobra Kai dojo by a powerful right-hand man, or in Silver's case, woman may set up Kim Da-Eun as the next big bad in Season 6. Kim Da-Eun may feel disgusted by how both Silver and Kreese Americanized her grandfather's martial art, Despite Silver's promise to share Kim Sun-Yun's legacy with the Valley, Silver is first and foremost a businessman with a history of doing shady business. It would be cathartic to see Kim Da-Eun take the dojo from Silver and possibly give Mike Barnes his promised share.

Silver's partnership with Kim Da-Eun may seem to spell trouble for Miyagi-Do, as Kim Da-Eun being the lineage holder for Cobra Kai could mean that she is as formidable of a fighter as Chozen. If she also possesses knowledge of any Cobra Kai secret techniques similar to the Miyagi pressure points, she would be Silver's counter to Chozen. However, Kim Da-Eun's relationship with Silver will depend on how he's honored her grandfather's legacy. Should she be disappointed in his execution of Kim Sun-Yun's legacy, fans could expect Kim Da-Eun to betray Silver and take Cobra Kai from his grasp. And despite Silver's exceptional skill in karate, he may not be able to beat her in a fight.

Season 5 of Cobra Kai premieres Sept. 9, on Netflix.

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