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Coke, Pepsi, and RC Cola Confirm They're Facing a Sugar Shortage logo 8/16/2022 Mia Rodriguez
© Provided by A stall in Cambodia that sells popular soda brands. PHOTO BY shutterstock © Provided by A stall in Cambodia that sells popular soda brands. PHOTO BY shutterstock

( The Philippines has been facing a lack of sweetness recently; literally speaking, we've been short on sugar due to a complicated mix of reasons (some natural, some manmade) and the effect on the larger public has finally been concretized. The manufacturing and bottling firms behind the biggest soda companies in the country confirmed on Tuesday, August 16, that the industry is facing a shortage of premium refined sugar. 

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Coke, RC Cola, and Pepsi Philippines issue statement on sugar shortage

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc., Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc., and ARC Refreshments Corp., issued a joint statement acknowledging the shortage.

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"We confirm our industry is facing a shortage of premium refined sugar—a key ingredients in many of our products," they said in the statement. Sugar supplies have been in a precarious state the past couple of months after the target production count was not met.

"We are working closely with other stakeholders of the industry and the government to address the situation," the statement added.

Plans to import 300,000 metric tons were floated in early August, an idea rejected by President Bongbong Marcos. "Maybe around October, the supply here in the Philippines may be close to being used up. So we may need to import, but only a little," he said. Around 150,000 metric tons should be enough then, according to Marcos. The president also met with the Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers, Inc. on August 15 to discuss the shortage.

This sugar supply shortage, if not contained, is bound to affect more than just the soda beverage industry. Sugar is a major ingredient in many types of food and drink so should sugar prices continue to soar due to lack of supply, prices will take a hit across the board.

This is the latest in a slew of shortage reports, both in global and national contexts. The Philippine food industry also felt a shortage on chicken in June and July and even potatoes in April.


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