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Do Not Give Your Dog These Foods During the Holidays

Avoid Giving Your Dog These Foods During the Holidays. According to pet expert Erin Askeland, giving your dog ham can give them digestion issues. Do not give them candy either as it is a choking hazard. Another food is whole fish as their small bones can complicate a dog's intestines and esophagus. Coffee is also bad for dogs as the caffeine can increase the chances of a seizure. . How do you keep your dog from begging for food?. One tip is to feed it at the same time you sit down to eat. Another is to have provide your dog with some playtime right before the meal. . This will lead your pet to get tired and lie down instead of bothering you for food. Remember that you have your pet’s best interest in mind, so rather than giving in to those longing stares, provide playtime, pets, exercise, or treats (don’t overdo this!) instead. Giving your dog a special holiday-themed meal is also a good idea. Some items that are pet-friendly include rice, carrots, green beans and broiled chicken
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