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Greta Thunberg Arrest Was a Hoax; The Whole World Is Staged

Wealth of Geeks 1/18/2023 Boloere Seibidor

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Greta Thunberg was detained by German police on January 17, 2023 during a protest with fellow activists against the expansion of a coal mine in the small village of Lützerath, near Monchengladbach. The photo of Thunberg being carried by three policemen circulated the internet like wildfire – which critics now allege was the intention of the “fake” arrest.


Following the news of the arrest, the German authorities clarified that Thunberg wasn't arrested, and would be released alongside the other detainees once they had verified their IDs. Thunberg also tweeted when she was released.


The young climate activist is being accused of staging the whole incident, and a “behind-the-scenes” video of Thunberg smiling and laughing with the police with photographers around her taking photos is now spreading across the internet.


@NaviNabob chose to look at it from another perspective:


“This doesn't show it was staged. It just shows that police are happy to pose for photos with the most famous kid in the world while the media is everywhere. Police can be VERY lax with duties when they agree with the protest. Remember some capitol police on Jan. 6th posing?”


@JoshMepham threw shade at Americans: “No, that's just police being civil and respectful – a foreign concept to most Americans.”


People have tagged it a cry for attention, and accused her of “abusing” her influence.


@OilLondonTV tweeted: “No one wants to see you pretend to get arrested for the cameras, Greta.”


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“Greta doesn't care about child labor and slavery as it suits her agenda,” someone replied.


Another thought it was wrong to bully the young climate hero. “Why don't you do it yourself if you think it's that important…you are old enough to go protest…leave the kid alone.”


“May God protect sincere people out there,” @BlankJaydee prayed.


@OilLondonTV also suggested better, helpful ways Thunberg could use her “staging” abilities.


“Try researching before claiming something,” said @pixiepriest, believing strongly that the arrest was not just some conspiracy.


The German police have however denied the allegation that the arrest was staged through a spokesperson who said, “We would never give ourselves to make such recordings.”

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