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King Charles won’t sit on the late Queen Elizabeth’s throne during his reign, here’s why

Oh My Mag logo Oh My Mag 2/8/2023 Mary Sworn
King Charles won’t sit on the late Queen Elizabeth’s throne, here’s why © Provided by Oh My Mag King Charles won’t sit on the late Queen Elizabeth’s throne, here’s why

There are numerous traditions when it comes to ceremonies for the Royal Family. The tradition of King Charles not sitting on his late mother’s throne is both true and not true. Let us explain.

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An ancient traditional throne

The part where King Charles will sit on his late mother’s throne is true since he will use the traditional coronation throne, which was also used by Queen Elizabeth during her coronation in 1953.

In fact, this throne has been used for centuries for coronation ceremonies. The throne was built for King Edward in 1296. The throne is known as the Coronation Chair, St Edward’s Chair or King Edward’s Chair.

It is made of oak and used to contain the coronation stone, which is also called the Stone of Destiny or the Stone of Scone. The stone was given back to Scotland in 1996 and is kept in Edinburgh Castle along with the Scottish Crown Jewels. There is speculation that Scotland will lend the stone for King Charles’ coronation and then give it back to the Scottish until the next coronation.

A new throne for King Charles

However, King Charles won’t use his late mother’s other throne, as he will have a brand new one made for him. It is tradition for every new British monarch to have their own throne, which is also used during the coronation ceremony.

This throne is unique to each monarch as it has their own royal cypher on it. King Charles revealed his royal cypher a few months back, and it is very different from the one his mother used.

This throne is used for the enthronement part of the coronation and is placed on the dais in Westminster Abbey.

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