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"Losing battle for Bakhmut": Russians launch new wave of fake news in social networks

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The Russian occupiers began to actively spread new disinformation in social networks and spread publications about Ukraine's alleged defeat in Bakhmut and the decrease in the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine.

Source: Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security

Quote: "The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security has recorded another information attack by the Russians: the enemy is spreading advertisements from anonymous channels on Facebook with the intention of discouraging the Ukrainians from winning.

According to the information we have, the campaign to spread lies started on 11 March.

The main ideas of propagandists are as follows:

・Ukraine lost the battle for Bakhmut;

・Western countries do not believe in Ukraine;

・The command of the Ukraine's Defence Forces has fled, and "the boys are fighting back alone";

・The United States is reducing the supply of weapons because it seems that the Ukrainian authorities have been caught stealing supplies."

Details: The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security believes that the occupiers are trying to undermine the trust of the Ukrainian society in the authorities and are manipulating the alleged "lost battle for Bakhmut" and the fact that the allies are to leave Ukraine to fight its enemy alone.

The occupiers spread fake news through newly created pages, without description and content, usually with neutral names.

The accounts from which such campaigns are spreaded use IP addresses from other countries.

It was also noted that Russia's unsuccessful attempt to affect the Ukrainians is exposed by the poor translation of the text from Russian into Ukrainian; the occupiers also use propagandist clichés, such as "westerners" and "defeatist sentiments".

The Centre encourages people to complain about these publications on social networks.

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