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Mark Levin: Ukrainians are in a fight to 'maintain their independence and their liberty'

FOX News logo FOX News 3/20/2023 Ashley Carnahan

Fox News host Mark Levin defended the United States' role in the war in Ukraine, saying it is similar to the support the French provided to the U.S. during the American Revolution. 

"We would not have won the American Revolution without the help of the French," he argued Sunday on "Life Liberty & Levin." "So starting in 1778, right to the end of the Revolutionary War, the French gave us support. Ninety percent of all, what I'll call bullets, fired during the War of Independence were manufactured by the French."

Levin continued, highlighting how the French cut off the British fleet at the Battle of Yorktown and pounded British encampments, ultimately leading to British Gen. Charles Cornwallis’ surrender. 

He said the Ukrainian people are engaged in a similar fight to "maintain their independence and their liberty."


"They did not attack Russia. They have not invaded Russia. They have not set up concentration camps in Ukraine where they're bringing Russian children and women. They've not entered Russia and have committed acts of systemic torture, which the Russians have to the Ukrainians-- gang rape, hanging people from ceilings and bridges, brutal genital castration and electric shock treatment, decapitation, burning people alive, crushing their faces with sledgehammers, mass graves," he said. 


Levin continued, "This is from a U.N. report. And the U.N. is hardly in the back pocket of the United States and Ukraine. And it just came out. And of course, the Russians are trying to freeze the Ukrainians by hitting energy sources. They're trying to level their apartment buildings. Twenty-five percent of the Ukrainian population has had to flee as refugees. And as I said, many are being trained in Russia and being enslaved, tortured and otherwise brutalized. Ukraine isn't doing any of that."

The "Life Liberty & Levin" host added that when Russia took over Crimea in 2014 and a part of Georgia in 2008, "nobody lifted a finger to help."

"Finland, which was neutral during most of World War II, is not neutral anymore. Finland wants to get into NATO and Finland supports the Ukrainians and is providing them with whatever equipment they have. Why? Because they know Putin has designs on Finland. How do they know that? Because a year and a half Putin said so. A year and a half ago, he said so. He also has designs on Poland and Romania and Moldova. How do we know that? Because he said so. Why don't we listen to the man?" he questioned. 

Gutted cars following a night air raid in the village of Bushiv, 40 kilometers west of Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, March 4, 2022. AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky © AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky Gutted cars following a night air raid in the village of Bushiv, 40 kilometers west of Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, March 4, 2022. AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky


He went on, "Two world wars started in Europe and we took no action until it was too late. We don't have any troops in Ukraine. We don't have any jet fighters in Ukraine. All we're doing is providing them with the support. Kind of the support the French gave us during the Revolutionary War. However, the French actually did more." 

"I am perplexed by those who want you to believe and who believe you are stupid-- that this is a war here in the United States, between the intellectual elites in Washington and everybody else, we the people. And it's funny that so many people who say this went to private schools and Ivy League schools and they never went to war while they're pointing fingers at everybody else," Levin said.

Levin argued that it would be "stupid" to believe that if the U.S. were to withdraw all aid from Ukraine, that suddenly everything would be better in the country. 

"How stupid is that? Or suddenly inflation would be reduced? That's even dumber. Or suddenly all things ‘bad Biden’ and ‘Biden Democrats’ would turn around but for what we're doing in Ukraine? Why do people make such imbecilic arguments?" he asked. 

He shared that he read some of the 2024 GOP hopefuls’ statements about the war in Ukraine and thought some were good and others weren’t, but said the candidates left out one small detail. 

US providing additional $2B in Ukraine aid on one year anniversary of Russian invasion

"One thing I notice is very little is said about Russia and Putin and their threat to us, and they're making threats against us and they're a threat to Eastern Europe and eventually Western Europe, and their threats of nukes and all the other things that they're doing, the access between Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, which is real. I didn't see a lot of that in their statements," he stated. 

He concluded, "It's time for leaders to step up. I don't care what they say on MSNBC and CNN. This is not a battle between rhinos and the populists, whatever that means. And they can't even define themselves. This is a battle between patriots and conservatives and pacifists of both parties." 


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