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MrBeast Slacked by Twitterati for Helping the Blind in His Latest Video

Gaming logo Gaming 2/1/2023 Soumik Majumder
MrBeast Slacked by Twitterati for Helping the Blind in His Latest Video © Soumik Majumder/Discovered MrBeast Slacked by Twitterati for Helping the Blind in His Latest Video

The list of popular YouTubers will always remain incomplete without MrBeast in it. Known for his out-of-the-box videos filled with crazy shenanigans, the YouTuber is currently the king of the platform with 130 million subscribers to his name. 

Apart from crazy stunts and challenges, MrBeast is also known for using his platform to help people. His latest upload on 29th January showcases just that, where he helps a thousand blind people see for the first time. However, some viewers didn’t consider it as genuine philanthropy and took to social media to voice their opinions, especially Twitter.

In the video titled ‘1,000 Blind People See for the First Time’, MrBeast is seen paying for 1,000 blind people from various age groups to undergo phacoemulsification, a surgery to help restore vision. During the eight-minute clip, MrBeast helps the viewers witness several of these patients’ heartfelt stories and their emotional reactions upon taking off their bandages, post-surgery. Emotions were running high with stories including a man who regains his sight after 62 years and another one happy to be working after having lost his job due to impaired vision. 

Other than the surgery, MrBeast also offered cash prizes of up to $50,000, a Tesla, and cash donations. A thousand people across the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Namibia, Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam, Jamaica, and Honduras regained their vision and many happy faces exclaimed “Thank you, MrBeast!” as the video ended.

However, on Twitter, many considered MrBeeast charity a gimmick, ripping it apart with shrewd comments. One viewer tweeted - “this is worse than any gimmick mtv or tlc has ever pulled for a show. The juxtaposition of this video and the inaccessiblity of this procedure purely due to cost is beyond depressing and showcases a fundamental flaw in our society.”

“If Mr Beast TRULY wanted to do something good and TRULY cares about disabled people, he wouldn’t monetize their suffering and make them tap dance on video just so he can slap it up on YouTube. I’m tired of having to perform gratitude for wealthy people, just to stay alive.” - read another viewer’s tweet. 

One tweet even went as far as calling the YouTuber “the antichrist” - “he is literally the antichrist. He’s performing our society’s equivalent of miracles through these excessive acts of faux generosity and is garnering everyone’s undivided love and admiration in doing so. He will start subverting christs teachings next and preaching selfish action.” 

However, many loyal MrBeast fans took to Twitter to defend him, claiming that its just nonsense for people hate him for all the good he’s done. Some even took a dig at the antichrist comment, with one fan saying, “Twitter hating on MrBeast for literally paying for 1k people to see for the first time is crazy and I’ll never understand it. Bro just became Jesus Christ and it’s all “Oooh I just can’t stand this fellow he’s so evil!”’ 

As of today, MrBeast hasn’t yet responded to any of the harsh comments or criticisms. Having said that, he tweeted after sharing the video, stating that the government should partake in helping blind people, especially those unemployed due to their disability.


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