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Mylee Staicey Denies Getting Back With Weezdom

KELEbrity logo KELEbrity 3/28/2022

It is one week after Weezdom and Mylee Staicey were spotted together after a serious breakup drama.

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The two were seen together right at the same time Weezdom released a public apology to Myleee for how he behaved after their breakup. In his statement, the singer said that he did not care if they got back together but he was just sorry for his actions.

Going by their recent behavior of breaking up and making up, fans had already foretold that the apology was just a precedence for a reunion.

Well, that now seems to not be the case if Mylee Stacey's recent post on her Instagram stories is anything to go by. In the post, Mylee is seen dancing to a Kamba song after a question is paused if she would choose to reconcile with her ex or dance to a Kamba song.

This however raises the question of what the two were doing together at Mylee's residence or if it was a new order of things for exes to be hanging out together.

When they broke up Weezdom rushed a few days later to hook up with Manzi wa TRM whom they have since fallen out after he served his apology to Mylee.

According to Weezdom, “Manzi wa TRM” who goes by the name Carol Leehavi on Instagram, has seemingly been throwing shots at Mylee as a means to get Weezdom’s attention.

In his post, he has mercilessly dragged her saying that she should move on with her life because he has never wanted her and he does not think that will change anytime soon.

The singer even used insults against her to defend Staicey something he also did to Staicey after they had broken up.

Insults appear to be his defense mechanism against people who have wronged him and to think he used to be in the gospel music industry.

That did not sit right with netizens, as they observed the trend of him insulting people whom they have had a falling out with and many called him out for being childish.

It even made things worse since in the apology to Mylee Staicey the lad had promised to respect all women yet here was.

Even after the public apology Mylee Staicey had not made a comment concerning their reconciliation until now where she has indicated her ex will remain to be just that and there is no going back. 


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