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Only True '90s Kids Will Get Nostalgic Over These Items

Only True '90s Kids, Will Get Nostalgic Over These Items. If you grew up in the 1990s, chances are you had a summer full of old-school toys, snack foods and accessories. . Here are 15 items that are guaranteed to make true '90s kids feel nostalgic. 1. Slip 'N Slides. 2. Ice Cream Sandwiches. 3. Nylon Rope Friendship Bracelets. 4. Lawn Sprinklers. 5. Flavored Ice Pops. 6. Firefly Nets and Jars. 7. Handlebar Streamers. 8. Foam Pool Noodles. 9. Dive Rings. 10. Capri Suns. 11. Moon Shoes. 12. Candy Necklaces. 13. Slap Bracelets. 14. Fruit Barrels. 15. Fruit Roll-Ups Tongue Tattoos
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